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today 15.04.2014 22:54
(by Kyiv time)


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Prava Ludyny

No mechanisms in place for dealing with refugees from the Crimea

In an interview given to Ukrainsky Tyzhden, Maxim Butkevych, Coordinator of the No Borders Project, speaks of the situation following Russia’s annexation of the Crimea; on those who have already left and those who may in future; Ukrainians’ hospitality and more

EAJC: Russia is still trying to use claims of anti-Semitism to hide its aggression

The Euro-Asiatic Jewish Congress has responded to the latest lies from the Russian Foreign Ministry and points out again that the danger at present is coming from Russia’s ongoing expansion into Ukrainian territory

Journalist abducted during siege of Horlivka

On April 14 “pro-Russian activists” in masks burst into the office of the Internet publication Gorlovka.ua and took its editor, Oleksandr Belinsky away. He was later returned and is unhurt.

On Moscow’s burning wish to defend rights in Ukraine, not in Russia

14.04.14 | Halya Coynash
Amid damning evidence of direct Russian involvement in the so-called separatist troubles, Moscow yet again pulls Yanukovych out of deep freeze and expresses “outrage” over the use of the military to “crush popular protest”. In Ukraine, that is, not its own forces involved in executions, torture and enforced disappearances

Kharkiv: Pro-Russian thugs beat up peaceful protesters (updated)

About 50 people were injured after people demonstrating their support for Ukraine’s unity were attacked from all sides by a few hundred young men with St George ribbons, bats, sticks and stun grenades

EuroMaidan SOS: On the events in the East and South of Ukraine

What is at issue is not peaceful protest by citizens in the East and South of Ukraine. This is instead an armed and violent encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability carried out with active interference from Russia according to a Kremlin-dictated scenario

Russian channels caught lying

11.04.14 | Halya Coynash
Despite the vast amounts Russia is spending on anti-Ukrainian propaganda, the TV channels Rossiya 1 and NTV skimped on actors, with the same man presented as either a separatist or a foreign mercenary beating up peaceful protesters for Right Sector

Parliament adopts Yanukovych’s dangerous environment law

That a draft law waiving the permit procedure needed for activities with impact on the environment was proposed by former president Viktor Yanukovych is no surprise. Why 270 MPs in post-Yanukovych Ukraine should have adopted this law on April 9 is much more baffling

Crucial move to cut secrecy on public spending

A minimum majority in the Verkhovna Rada (226 MPs) has managed to pass an important law opening up information about public procurement and revoking legislative moves under the previous administration which hid vast amounts of public funding from public view

Head of only Ukrainian school in Simferopol hounded out

Natalya Rudenko, head of the only Ukrainian lyceum in Simferopol and one of only 5 in the Crimea has been forced to resign under pressure from officials and the self-styled leader Sergei Aksenov’s vigilantes

Defence ministry can’t even provide Ukrainian soldiers with bread and water

Ukraine’s military have been brought into the Kherson oblast without even the most basic supplies. On the Kherson Coordination Centre and ordinary citizens providing for them, and the help still needed

Dangerous Security Service manoeuvres in Luhansk

10.04.14 | Halya Coynash
A reputable NGO believes that the Luhansk SBU is deliberately spreading lies about non-existent hostages to provoke bloodshed and that it could be working for Russia’s Security Service

PACE condemns illegal annexation of the Crimea

. “The drive for secession and integration into the Russian Federation was instigated and incited by the Russian authorities, under the cover of a military intervention”. the resolution adopted by PACE on April 9 states

Crucial law on judicial overhaul passed

09.04.14 | Halya Coynash
A victory was achieved on Tuesday with the adoption by parliament of draft Law No. 4378-1 which, among other things, will lead to a totally new makeup of judicial administrative bodies which were gravely compromised under the Yanukovych regime

Russian court forces closure of Memorial’s Anti-Discrimination Centre

Two Russian court rulings on April 8 over the scandalous "foreign agent law" have left an important human rights NGO defending victims of racism and xenophobia with no choice but to terminate its activities

Parliament finally adopts important local election amendments

A small majority in parliament on Tuesday adopted a law introducing amendments to the gravely flawed local elections act. Among the most important changes are those concerning the makeup of election commissions which played a major role in vote rigging over recent elections.

Sergei Kovalev: Stop Russian expansion!

The former Soviet political prisoner and first Russian Federation Human Rights Ombudsman is calling on PACE and the international community to put pressure on their governments to stop Russia occupying Ukraine’s eastern regions

Police silent about unmarked graves at Brovary

The Search Initiative Group searching for traces of people missing since the EuroMaidan protests have had no response from the police regarding unmarked graves found in Brovary (near Kyiv).

Kharkiv “separatist” titushki smash up TV channel

The young louts in masks and armed with baseball bats who seized ATN on Monday evening demanded broadcasting time to "tell journalists how to write the news". Some of the supposed Kharkiv residents who stormed the regional administration building had first gone for the Theatre of Opera and Ballet, believing this to be the administration

Ivashchenko “cleared” by the same judges who convicted him

On April 4 former Acting Defence Minister Valeriy Ivashchenko’s convictions were quashed by the same judges - Serhiy Vovk; Oksana Tsarevych; and Volodymyr Karavan – who sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment in 2012