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News from the CIS countries

Persecution of activist probing soldiers’ deaths in Ukraine effectively confirmed

28.11.14 | Halya Coynash
73-year-old Ludmila Bogatenkova was remanded in custody on spurious fraud charges after active and public efforts to find out how Russian conscripts and other soldiers are being sent to fight in Ukraine, and about their deaths. A month after she was released and immediately hospitalized, the prosecutor has admitted finding no evidence of fraud by the rights activist
Freedom of conscience and religion

Moscow’s blitzkrieg response over religious persecution in Crimea

28.11.14 | Halya Coynash
Faced with the damning evidence of wide-scale religious persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea, Moscow, via Kremlin-loyal media, has attempted yet again to turn the truth upside down. The weight of facts is against them and they really should not bother.
News from the CIS countries

Russians against sending (more) troops into Ukraine but support ‘republics’

According to the latest Levada Centre opinion poll, 55% of Russians expect renewed military action in Donbas, but 58% are against Russian forces being deployed. Most blame EuroMaidan for the current crisis in Ukraine
Politics and human rights

Why are Germans asked if they support annexation?

27.11.14 | Halya Coynash
In a recent ‘opinion poll’ 39% of Germans proved ready to recognize Russia’s demonstration of contempt for international law in annexing the Crimea, and ignorant or indifferent to the flagrant violations of human rights committed since Russia’s invasion.
News from the CIS countries

Birthday Greetings to Political Prisoner Sasha Kolchenko

Civic activists and friends of Sasha [Oleksandr Kolchenko] met on Wednesday to mark his 25th birthday and show moral support for the Crimean activist and opponent of Russian occupation held in detention in Moscow.
Victims of political repression

’Last Address’ Project Aims To Honour Victims Of Soviet Repression

27.11.14 | Tom Baimforth
A Russian civic initiative to install commemorative plaques to the victims of Soviet repression at the homes where they lived before they were executed or sent to perish in the Gulag is about to be launched
Freedom of conscience and religion

All but one faith persecuted in occupied Crimea

26.11.14 | Halya Coynash
"Who could have imagined that in the 21st century in the centre of Europe we would be seeing widespread repression unleashed on the basis of religion? (Said Ismagilov, Mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine)
Deported peoples

Another Arrest in Dubious ’May 3’ Case against Crimean Tatars

A fourth arrest on Nov 25 has heightened suspicion that Russia’s puppet regime in the Crimea is manufacturing its own Bolotnaya Square trials, like those in Russia, aimed at intimidating Crimean Tatars and silencing opposition.
News from the CIS countries

Add your Greeting to Oleksandr Kolchenko, Ukrainian Citizen and Kremlin Prisoner

Oleksandr [Sasha] Kolchenko is about to turn 25 in Russian detention. Please help pass birthday greetings to him and a clear message to one of Russia’s Crimean political prisoners - and to Moscow – that he is not forgotten!
News from the CIS countries

Savchenko Case: No legal grounds, no evidence and total distrust in Russian justice

25.11.14 | Halya Coynash
A deputy from the St Petersburg Legislative Assembly has condemned the political case against Nadiya Savchenko and said that it compounds total distrust in the Russian law enforcement system.
Freedom of conscience and religion

Head of a Roman Catholic church driven out of Crimea

As feared, it seems that the occupation regime’s demand that religious communities re-register according to Russian legislation is being used as a weapon to remove many churches that have long existed in the Crimea.
Social and economic rights

In Donbas protests against militant rule – and hunger - mounting

24.11.14 | Halya Coynash
The Kremlin-backed militants in Sverdlovsk have come up with pitiful amounts for public sector workers following the angry protests by over a thousand residents last week.
News from the CIS countries

Another Russian rights group probing Russian soldiers’ role in Ukraine under fire

Russia’s Justice Ministry has begun an unscheduled ‘check’ of one of Russia’s most well-known organizations, ‘For Human Rights’
The right to a fair trial

Execution for ‘Spying’, ‘Desertion’ or for a Ukrainian Flag?

24.11.14 | Halya Coynash
With rule already based on denunciations, violence, and intimidation, and with social unrest mounting, the military ‘three-man courts’ with the power to impose death sentences are another chilling reminder of the worst Soviet methods and clearly aimed at terrorising the population



In Donbas protests against militant rule – and hunger - mounting

Halya Coynash
The Kremlin-backed militants in Sverdlovsk have come up with pitiful amounts for public sector workers following the angry protests by over a thousand residents last week.

Ukrainian Citizens and Russia’s Political Prisoners

Halya Coynash
In a letter otherwise devoid of real content*, Russia’s Prosecutor General has inadvertently admitted that Oleg Sentsov and three other Crimean opponents of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea are Ukrainian citizens

Nadiya Savchenko: I’m sick of Russia and your lying courts

Halya Coynash
Nadiya Savchenko was finally taken to the Basmanny Court in Moscow on Friday and expressed her full contempt of both the Russian media and ‘courts’. In fact, however, Friday’s court hearing did bring one surprise – an impeccably law-based decision.

A Lustration Law for the Record – and the Elections

Halya Coynash
The farcical nature of Ukraine’s new Law on Cleaning up the Government was seen within hours of the law coming into force. The list made public of the first 36 heads to roll was like a modern public execution – of suspected witches rather than of known criminals.

Human rights in Ukraine in March – August 2014: general trends

Yevhen Zakharov
Brief analysis of the human rights situation in Ukraine following the Revolution of Dignity

Targeting the Crimean Tatar Mejlis as pro-Russian euphoria fades in Crimea

Halya Coynash
Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov recently asserted that the Crimean Tatar people have received what they couldn’t have dreamt of within Ukraine”. Lavrov was unusually close to the truth since in their worst nightmares Crimean Tatars could not have imagined the violations of their rights seen since Russia annexed their homeland.

Tortured by Kremlin-backed militants

Halya Coynash
Assertions that the men whose bodies have been brought to a Zaporizhya morgue suffered horrific torture are corroborated not only by the harrowing photos, but by tales of soldiers or civilians held captive by militants from the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic..