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Prava Ludyny

Russian Federation: Systematic repression on eve of elections

29.11.07 | web.amnesty.org
Amnesty International is gravely concerned about the Russian authorities’ systematic disregard for basic human rights in the run-up to parliamentary elections in the country, scheduled for 2 December 2007.

Corruption in the Ukrainian judiciary: public assessment

28.11.07 | www.zik.com.ua
According to the results of the “Hidna Ukraina” project, 59% in western regions of Ukraine believe corruption in the judiciary is extremely widespread. This view is held by 64% of those surveyed in eastern regions; 66% in central and 67% in southern regions

Council of Europe concerned over arrests of opposition figures in Russia

Special police units beat and detained around one hundred participants of an unsanctioned “March of those in dissent” [Marsh niesoglashnykh”] in St Petersburg on Sunday 25 November

Journalists learn about tolerance

Journalists on this training course considered the role of the media in forming public opinion about people living with HIV/AIDS and analyzed the media image presented at the moment

Putin’s course, freedom of expression not included

The Co-Chair of the organization “Voice of Beslan” is facing administrative liability for placing a “road sign” reading “Putin’s Course” pointing to the school in Beslan where 331 people died in 2004, more than half of them children

Before and after

16.11.07 | Halya Coynash
The closed borders, the deliberate removal of all food and the millions of victims are not disputable, they are to be recognized. A wrong is done the world and each human being when we turn our gaze away. The reasons, political, geopolitical, economic or other may vary, the betrayal does not.

Family of wrongfully convicted mother awarded 2 million UAH

Svitlana Zaitseva died of tuberculosis contracted while imprisoned for a murder she did not commit. She had “confessed” to the crime during the criminal investigation, apparently under duress

So did a spetsnaz unit beat prisoners of Penal Colony No. 60?

This case now at Colony No. 60 is reminiscent of the events involving the beating of prisoners at the Izyaslav Colony on 22 January this year, then Buchansk Colony No. 85 on 7 June and others. Prisoners are first beaten and then forced to write documents saying that they have no grievances

Will Holodomor receive the same status as the Holocaust?

15.11.07 | Josef Zisels, Halyna Kharaz | www.zn.kiev.ua
Now, when a number of countries, including European states, have recognized Holodomor as genocide, it would be senseless to become bogged down in a dispute over terminology. We are talking after all of a symbolic act, once again strengthening our bipolar world.

How Russians view their human rights situation

14.11.07 | www.levada.ru
The results of this survey by the respected Levada Centre found that while 72 % believed that human rights are violated in Russia, the number of people who considered that Russia has political prisoners had fallen since 2004 against the percentage of “don’t knows”

Out of the shadows

12.11.07 | Halya Coynash
Any xenophobic behaviour must be stopped. However, rather than making global statements which are too vague to be checked or refuted, we need to address the issues, pool our resources and ensure that problems emerging do not get out of hand

Media Trade Union begins campaign against corruption

As well as a bulletin on journalist investigations in Ukraine, the project also involves a documentary film on such investigations in Lviv, Kharkiv and the Crimea. One of those investigations led to the interview needing to be taken in a hospital ward

Open letter from KHPG to the Head of the State Department for the Execution of Sentences

To avoid any suggestion here or in Strasbourg that witnesses of the violent events at the Izyaslav Penal Colony in January could be subjected to unreasonable disciplinary measures, KHPG will be providing all those involved with free legal aid

Journalists affirm “We’re not for sale!”

We hereby pledge not to take part in creating or broadcasting material which has been commissioned or which infringes professional standards

Project aimed at preventing police torture

06.11.07 | www2.dw-world.de
People who have been subjected to physical or psychological coercion by law enforcement officers will now be able to receive legal aid within a joint programme being run by the European Commission and civic organizations.

Television journalists not for sale!

Television journalists are about to begin a campaign against “jeansa” or journalistic material to order. The campaign “We’re not for sale!” will unite leading presenters, editors and correspondents of national television channels in the struggle against this depressing parody of free speech

On human rights issues and dilemmas

02.11.07 | Yevhen Zakharov | human-rights.unian.net
In an interview given to UNIAN the Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Yevhen Zakharov speaks of the dividing line between politicians and human rights defenders, the work of the Ombudsperson and the relation between material wellbeing and freedom of speech.

Strasbourg again finds against Ukraine over detention conditions

The Ukrainian authorities were found guilty of ill-treatment of Oleg Yakovenko though the overcrowded conditions he was held in over a considerable period, the failure to provide proper medical care, and the way he was treated when being transported between two detention centres