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Prava Ludyny

Constitutional Court revokes 2004 Changes to the Constitution

The Constitutional Court has found unconstitutional the Law on Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine from 8 December 2004 No. 2222-IV citing violations in procedure for its examination and adoption

The government is preparing for the elections – collecting information about everyone

09.09.10 | Volodymyr Yavorsky | www.helsinki.org.ua
The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received a document which shows that the President’s Administration is gathering information from around the entire country about, among other things, the political views of those in all leading positions

Court decides against opposition Deputies Parubiy and Hrymchak

The case remains disturbing with is no evidence of any criminal investigation having been brought against those who seriously injured opposition Deputy Oles Doniy, or real attempts to find all those responsible for the chaos in parliament on 27 April

7 year sinecure?

The Verkhovna Rada on Monday voted today to extend the term of office of the Human Rights Ombudsperson from 5 to 7 years

Nico Lange, Director of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, held at Kyiv airport on SBU instructions

28.06.10 | www.dw-world.de
Nico Lange, who recently wrote an article suggested a worrying increase in authoritarian tendencies in Ukraine, was detained at Kyiv Airport for around 10 hours on Sunday. He was informed that this was on the instructions of the Ukrainian Security Service

Nico Lange: On Authoritarian Tendencies after the first 100 Days under President Yanukovych

28.06.10 | www.kas.de
The following article by Nico Lange, the director of the Kyiv Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, appeared at the beginning of June. In commenting on President Yanukovych’s first 100 days in power, the author expresses concern over threats to democracy in Ukraine

Human Rights in Ukraine

11.06.10 | Yevhen Zakharov
The following is an overview of developments during the first 100 days since President Yanukovych was inaugurated. It suggests serious deterioration in the general human rights situation

No Playground matter

19.05.10 | Halya Coynash | www.kyivpost.com
Criminal investigations, as well as serious bodily injury inflicted by Deputies or those registered as their assistants, are no longer playground matters. If there are serious grounds for the allegations, they should be dealt with by those with the relevant authority, not by politicians

Prosecutor seeks to remove deputy immunity from two opposition members of parliament

The Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a criminal investigation against two opposition National Deputies, Yury Hrymchak and Andriy Parubiy over the events in the Verkhovna Rada on 27 April. There is no information about such an investigation against those who seriously injured another opposition deputy, Oles Doniy

Legal Commentary on the New Procedure for the Formation of a Parliamentary Coalition in Ukraine

14.05.10 | V. Rechytsky
The author presents his arguments for considering that a strict corporate model for forming the government without recognizing the possibility of individual membership in the coalition should be deemed dangerous for Ukraine’s progress

Wanted now: Independent, impartial and transparent courts

12.05.10 | Bohdan A. Futey | www.kyivpost.com
Judge Futey believes that the Constitutional Court’s judgment allowing a majority to be formed by individual defecting deputies, in its disregard for the Constitution and laws, has undermined the rule of law and highlighted the urgent need for judicial reform

Pressure on the opposition: Ukrainian-style boomerang

Opposition political parties whose members were questioned on 6 May claim that mass-scale pressure has begun on the opposition, while the President recognizes only “constructive opposition”. A representative of the Razumkov Centre warns that such rhetoric and measures could damage the regime itself

Dead Soul Democracy

05.05.10 | Halya Coynash
While smoke bombs and brawls in parliament made the headlines, questions should surely be asked about how prominent members of the government could have voted, in breach of the Constitution, from Strasbourg for controversial agreements reached with no public consultation

Constitutional Dead End

13.04.10 | Halya Coynash
For those wishing to see Ukraine’s development as a law-based democracy, the lessons of the last month and of the Constitutional Court Judgment of 6 April including the message received from western partners, can be called nothing less than disastrous

Razumkov Centre: Statement regarding Constitutional Court Judgment

Public concern is aroused by the circumstances of this judgment, certain aspects of its content, as well as by the possible social and political consequences.

Specialists’ views on the Constitutional Court Judgment on coalitions

13.04.10 | glavcom.ua
With its judgment on the legitimacy of the formation of the coalition, the Constitutional Court has damaged its own reputation and yet it would appear that even Europeans will not find words of criticism

Centre for Political and Legal Reform: On the CCU Judgment of 8 April 2010

"With all due respect for a Judgment of the Constitutional Court, we must with regret acknowledge that its justification and consistency defy our comprehension"

The Constitutional Court has found the “coalition of bodies” legitimate

According to the CCU, a law passed on 10 March this year amending Parliamentary Regulations so that these now say something different from the Constitution and allow individuals to make up coalition numbers is seen as somehow overriding the CCU judgment 18 months earlier clearly stating that only factions formed the coalition

Political analysts: Constitutional Court has no grounds for finding the new coalition legitimate

08.04.10 | ua.glavred.info
At a press conference on 7 April, three political analysts – Anatoly Lutsenko, Mykhailo Pohrebynsky and Viktor Nebozhenko stated that they see no grounds for judging the coalition to be constitutional, and believe that such a judgment would destroy any trust in the Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court restricts deputy immunity but prohibits abusing the President

07.04.10 | www.unian.net
The Constitutional Court has issued a judgment on whether a draft law on amendments to the Constitution regarding the safeguarding of immunity for particular public officials complies with Article 157 and 158 of the Constitution