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today 01.04.2015 02:49
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Prava Ludyny

Civic call to opposition leaders to choose one candidate

An appeal is open for endorsement to the three leaders of the opposition parties: Arseny Arsenyuk (Batkivshchyna); Vitaly Klitschko (Udar) and Oleh Tyahnybok [VO Svoboda], as well as Petro Poroshenko calling on them to decide on one leader now for the sake of united resistance

Signed into Dictatorship

17.01.14 | Halya Coynash
It is now official: the president has signed a number of bills overtly aimed at crushing peaceful protest and freedom of speech, and silencing journalists, civic activists and all active members of civil society

Legal analysis of the Jan 16 laws

This analysis of the procedural violations and infringements of Ukrainian and international legislation in the laws voted on in parliament on Jan 16 was provided to EuroMaidan SOS by a group of lawyers.

Statement from Human Rights Organizations

Law No. 3879 hastily voted on and signed on Jan 16 indicates that Ukraine has entered a period of reaction and obscurantism. This is why society will be forced to move to new forms of non-violent resistance

Ukraines ruling majority slips in dangerously repressive law

16.01.14 | Halya Coynash
A draft law passed in full by the ruling majority in parliament on Jan 16 criminalizes libel, labels and restricts civic associations receiving foreign grants as foreign agents and imposes and substantially increases liability for any forms of protest. If the president does not veto the bill, it will set Ukraines democracy back by years.

EuroMaidan activist beaten up in Rivne

On Sunday evening Vitaliy Prymak, head of the NGO Youth ACTS and member of the Rivne branch of the Maidan movement, was beaten up by two thugs who made it clear that their violence was connected with his pro-EU protest and who showed no fear of being caught by the police

I am a Drop in the Ocean that will change Ukraine

Kostyantin Reutsky whose Postup Human Rights Centre has joined the EuroMaidan Public Council on the reforms Ukraine desperately needs

Witch hunt over pro-EU protests

23.12.13 | Halya Coynash
Ominous indicationOminous indications of heavy-handed methods, illegitimate demands for information and preposterous criminal proceedings aimed at intimidating local authorities, as well as individuals, protesting against the governments about-turn on EU integration and brutal suppression of peaceful protest.

AntiMaidan stage real protest over not being paid

Several dozen people held a protest on Sunday near the Party of the Regions headquarters on Lypska St in Kyiv. They were angry that despite promises, they had not been paid for taking part in the pro-government rally in Maryinsky Park.

Help Ukrainians Stand Up for Western Values

19.12.13 | Vitaly Sych | www.bloomberg.com
We dont expect the rest of the world to ride to the rescue of Ukraines protesters right now. But governments, businesses and NGOs engaged with Ukraine must show they support the European values for which hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have braved the winter cold and police brutality. Yanukovychs financial backers must be held to the same account.

So what are Crimean anti-terrorist officers doing in central Kyiv?

In further corroboration of reports that police officers, highly trained in combat fighting, are being brought into Kyiv and paid considerable amounts of money, members of the elite Lavanda unit have been seen near parliament

High-Price Pro-Government Provocation

14.12.13 | Halya Coynash
With Ukraines present economic difficulties, it is legitimate to ask who is paying for the pro-president demonstration and other preparations underway for this weekend and why. Not only are public sector workers and miners being transported to Kyiv in large numbers, but also police officers recruited for their brawn, boxing skills etc. There are disturbing indications that titushki, or hired thugs, are also arriving in force.

EU Parliament backs Ukraine protesters

13.12.13 | www.dw.de
Most of the speakers in the European parliaments Ukraine debate called for solidarity with the pro-European demonstrators. Theyre hoping for a peaceful solution - and had severe criticism for Russia

Maidan & Beyond: Some Preliminary Conclusions

12.12.13 | Mykola Riabchuk | www.iwm.at
The most urgent thing the EU should do is to send a very clear signal that no violence will be tolerated. This signal should be sent not in words, but in deeds

UHHRU also withdraws from Constitutional Assembly

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has also withdrawn all representatives from official bodies stating that the violent dispersing of demonstrators on 30 Nov and other violations render constructive dialogue with the present government impossible

Protest exodus from Presidents Constitutional Assembly

"There are presently all grounds for asserting that the greatest danger for the constitutional order and for Ukrainians fundamental rights comes from the current regime headed by Viktor Yanukovych"

Around 200 thousand arrive on Khreshchatyk

A huge number of Ukrainians have arrived on Khreshchatyk, bearing the Ukrainian flag. They are hearing towards Maidan Nezalezhnosti in defiance of the court ban issued during the early hours of Sunday morning

Growing anger and pitiful attempts by Ukraines leaders to shift the blame

Both Yanukovych and prime minister Azarov have tried to absolve themselves of any responsibility. There are, however, signs of schism within the Party of the Regions with three MPs Bohoslovska, Zhvania and Tihipko having left the party faction in protest.

Not Cowered: Lviv EuroMaidan

Up to 10 thousand people came out onto Lviv EuroMaidan on Saturday however nobody can believe the authorities assurances anymore that no new violent offensive is planned, and there have been calls for women and children to not stay overnight

Police action incompatible with democracy

30.11.13 | Halya Coynash
The violent dispersal of EuroMaidan came almost 3 years to the day that similar action was taken against the Tax Code Maidan. There are other sinister parallels, including people remanded in custody on dubious grounds in a clear attempt to warn others of likely consequences of peaceful protest..