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Prava Ludyny

Behind The Scenes In Ukraine, Ties To Putin Help Power Broker Pull Strings

26.08.16 | Christopher Miller
More than a decade ago, Viktor Medvedchuk became known as the "Gray Cardinal" because his low profile masked unparalleled clout in the halls of power in Ukraine. These days, detractors call the millionaire tycoon and backroom politician with close personal ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin: tthe Prince of Darkness.

25 years on, Russia resurrects Soviet repression, punitive psychiatry in occupied Crimea

25.08.16 | Halya Coynash
25 years since the coup which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has returned to the punitive psychiatry, politically motivated trials of dissidents, rights violations and virulent propaganda of Soviet times. Nowhere is this seen more dramatically than in Ukrainian Crimea, invaded and annexed in early 2014.

Deutsche Welle is continuing to mislead the public about Russia’s Crimea land-grab

22.08.16 | Halya Coynash
Internationally recognized borders are not re-drawn by armed annexations. This is certainly understood by Germany’s leaders and it is baffling that Deutsche Welle is continuing to present a different picture

The West Has a Ukraine Challenge, and It’s Not Going Away

22.08.16 | Ariel Cohen | www.atlanticcouncil.org
The Kremlin has found that Ukraine is too big to swallow. Nonetheless, despite Russia’s international isolation, sanctions against it, decline in oil prices, and subsequent recession, the Kremlin has not changed its Ukraine agenda

Russia denies alleged ‘Ukrainian Crimea saboteur’ access to a lawyer

20.08.16 | Halya Coynash
With nothing to confirm Russia’s claims of Ukrainian ‘attacks’ in Russian-occupied Crimea except televised ‘confessions’, it is highly suspicious that the FSB are trying to prevent Yevhen Panov from seeing a proper lawyer.

Paul Manafort Is the Tip of the Iceberg

19.08.16 | Arch Puddington, Freedom House
Trump’s campaign chairman is under the microscope for his dealings in Ukraine, but he is part of a much larger consulting industry that serves the interests of autocrats.

As its ’Ukrainian sabotage stunt’ flops, Russia menacingly claims a ’Crimean Tatar link’

17.08.16 | Halya Coynash
Although Russia’s claims that Ukraine had tried to ‘attack’ its own territory in Crimea have failed to convince anybody, the arrests are continuing. In a potentially menacing new slant, a top official in the occupation government has claimed that Ukraine is planning “new sabotage” under the guise of acts of resistance by Crimean Tatars

“Saboteur’ or tortured victim of Russia’s ’Ukrainian state terrorism’ hysteria shown on TV

12.08.16 | Halya Coynash
The threatened Russian ‘response’ to alleged ‘attacks’ by Ukraine on Russian-occupied Crimea has not included answers to very basic questions, with the Russians supposedly killed remaining unnamed, together with almost all the alleged ’saboteurs’. One, however, in a format Russia has used since 2014, has now ’confessed’ on state-controlled Russian TV

Is Putin Preparing a New Attack on Ukraine?

12.08.16 | Anders Aslund
Observers have greatly feared that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin would start a small regional war this August. Russia has moved up its State Duma elections to September 18. Although only Putin’s parties are allowed to win, he has a predilection for “small and victorious wars” to mobilize his people.

Russia’s pre-planned ‘Ukrainian incursion’ on Russian-occupied Crimea

11.08.16 | Halya Coynash
If Russia wanted to make its claims of an attempted Ukrainian terrorist attack on Russian-invaded and occupied Crimea credible, it should not have blocked the last remaining independent Internet sites days before the alleged attack. Bringing in massive amounts of military hardware prior to the supposed event also seriously lowers plausibility.

How can Deutsche Welle take part in a Russian propaganda trip to Crimea?

08.08.16 | Halya Coynash
The German public broadcaster’s commitment to rule of law and to impartial reporting is placed in question by participation of its journalists in a recent propaganda trip to Crimea organized by the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as by reports omitting crucial information and words that might offend Russia.

Russian tanks and a new crack-down on independent media in occupied Crimea

08.08.16 | Halya Coynash
Further attempts to create an information blockade on Russian-occupied Crimea were followed this weekend by a block on the crossings between mainland Ukraine and Crimea, claims of Ukrainian ‘terrorist subversion’ and major deployment of heavy military equipment

How the International Media Enables Russian Aggression in Ukraine

05.08.16 | Peter Dickinson
Why has the media been so cautious about Russia’s role in the conflict? It is not due to a lack of evidence. Proof of Russian involvement has been overwhelming since the early days of the fighting in eastern Ukraine

The "Lisa case": Germany as a target of Russian disinformation

04.08.16 | Stefan Meister
Germany‘s leading role in the Ukraine crisis, Angela Merkel’s consequent position on sanctions against Russia and her leadership in Europe make the German government a core target of Russian disinformation.

French MPs paid from Russian coffers for Crimea propaganda trip?

03.08.16 | Halya Coynash
So how much do French parliamentarians take for their collaboration and propaganda services in justifying the invasion and occupation of the invasion and occupation of Ukrainian Crimea and muffling grave human rights abuses? Why are French elected representatives taking money from a Foundation almost certainly funded by Moscow?

Winning the Information War – important new report

How has Russia’s pollution of the information space shaped international discourse on alliances, organizations, public institutions and mainstream media? What can be done to filter these digital toxins from our democratic system?

OSCE Official Says Monitors Need ’Unfettered’ Access In Ukraine

02.08.16 | Tony Wesolowsky
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is demanding unfettered access across eastern Ukraine after one of its monitoring missions there was threatened at gunpoint by Russia-backed separatists.

Mark it down, Mr Trump, Russia has already gone into Ukraine

01.08.16 | Halya Coynash
Considering his multiple advisers with strong Russian links, US presidential candidate Donald Trump has proven disturbingly ignorant about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine - both Crimea & Eastern Ukraine, and seems quite indifferent to international law if a good deal can be struck with Russia

Putin wants ’grounds’ to release innocent Ukrainian political prisoners

01.08.16 | Halya Coynash
Grotesquely flawed trials and proof of total innocence are not enough for Russian President Vladimir Putin, it seems. He needs ‘grounds’ why he should release Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, civic activist Oleksandr Kolchenko and other Ukrainian political prisoners.

Les collabos français embrassent le monument aux envahisseurs russes en Crimée

31.07.16 | Halya Coynash
11 parlementaires français ne se sont pas contentés de violer la loi ukrainienne et les sanctions internationales en visitant la Crimée. Ils ont également participé à un spectacle de propagande honteuse, niant les violations flagrantes des droits de l’homme sous l’occupation russe et calomniant les Tatars de Crimée qui ont été enlevés, et très probablement assassinés.