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Prava Ludyny

President urged to veto Law on Referendums

26.11.12 | www.pravo.org.ua
The Law on a Nationwide Referendum was passed with unseemly haste and serious violations of parliamentary procedure and is in breach of both the Constitution and European standards

Ukrainian language losing ground in education and publishing

21.11.12 | dobrovol.org
According to a study carried out by the Prostir Svobody Movement, for the first time since Independence, the percentage of school students studying in Ukrainian and of books published in Ukrainian has fallen

Simplified system for electing Parliamentary Speaker passed into law

The President has signed into law amendments which probably make it easier to elect and dismiss the parliamentary speaker, while precluding blocs of political parties.

Constitutional Fiddle

19.11.12 | Halya Coynash
The new Law on National Referendum is seen by many constitutional experts as providing a dangerously easy – and unconstitutional – way of changing the country’s main law

Procedure for election of Parliamentary Speaker changed

The Verkhovna Rada will from now on vote for the Parliamentary Speaker through an open vote. The opposition believes that the speaker will now be a dependent figure meekly carrying out all the demands of the President’s Administration.

Tax police move in on husband of prominent opposition MP

On Tuesday tax officers from the State Tax Administration carried out a search of Phoenix Capital Investment LLC whose founder and head of the board is Oleksandr Omelchuk, husband of the BYUT MP Lesya Orobets

Andreas Gross: Ukraine already an authoritarian regime

09.11.12 | tyzhden.ua
The Head of the PACE Observers and head of the Group of Socialists in the PACE, Andreas Gross has told Ukrainsky Tyzhden that he believes Ukraine is not moving towards authoritarianism, but has already got there.

Freedom House President sees no alternative to penalties

08.11.12 | tyzhden.ua
The President of Freedom House, David Kramer has said that some public officials in Ukraine should be penalized by withholding visas.

Party of the Regions wants new rules on appointing speaker and forming factions

MPs have passed in its first reading a draft bill which would considerably simplify the procedure for electing and dismissing the parliamentary speaker and also introduce new rules on forming factions and groups.

Melnychenko arrested entering Ukraine

It is unclear but doubtless to be the subject of considerable speculation why Melnychenko whose tapes implicated Kuchma and others in the murder of Gongadze should have returned just days before the parliamentary elections knowing that he would be arrested,

Mailis Reps: The problem must be resolved

In an interview given to the newspaper by Mailis Reps, the Co-Rapporteur on Ukraine spoke of the politically motivated cases against members of the opposition, the yet to be kept commitment to resolve the situation given by President Yanukovych, concerns about the elections and more.

Analysts: Yanukovych stubbornly on track to isolation

27.09.12 | www.dw.de
European politicians and analysts say that it’s too early to speak officially of Yanukovych’s isolation at international level, however he is moving in that direction

Chief Kharkiv opposition figure left without his business

18.09.12 | www.dw.de
Deutsche Welle writes that the police are carrying out large-scale searches at business enterprises belonging to Arsen Avakov and other members of the opposition Batkivshchyna Party. The opposition calls this political persecution, which the authorities deny.

Russification of Ukraine’s TV underway

The removal of Ukrainian Language requirements for the issue and renewal of licences will not only lead to Ukrainian television becoming Russified, but will also have a negative impact on the work market, experts warn.

Police give their version of removal of protest camp

10.09.12 | news.dt.ua
Individuals in municipal authority jackets, but not producing ID, have forcibly dismantled a camp of protesters against the language law on hunger strike outside Ukraine House

Pre-election Game over Deputy Immunity

07.09.12 | www.dw.de
The Constitutional Court has allowed parliamentarians’ immunity to be restricted. Analysts, however, doubt that MPs will vote for removal of immunity during the autumn parliamentary session

Language Law creates conditions for violation of constitutional rights

01.09.12 | Roman Kuybida
Roman Kuybida, Deputy Director of the Centre for Political and Legal Reform analyzes the failings and the conceivable financial consequences of the controversial Law on the Principles of State Language Policy

Lviv City Council turns to Constitutional Court over language law

The Lviv City Council has asked the Constitutional Court to give their judgement regarding certain provisions of the Law on Principles of State Language Policy. In the meantime, eastern parts of Ukraine are continuing to declare Russian a regional language.

High Court rejects Tymoshenko’s appeal

One day after the European Court of Human Rights held a public hearing into former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal relating to her detention, the High Court in Ukraine has rejected the cassation appeal against her conviction for abuse of office.

Court in Strasbourg considers Tymoshenko Case

On Tuesday 28 August the European Court of Human Rights held a public hearing on the admissibility and merits in the case of Tymoshenko v. Ukraine concerning complaints related to the former Prime Minister and opposition leader’s detention