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Prava Ludyny

Swedish TV SVT misleads viewers through Moreira’s ‘Masks of the Revolution’ film about Ukraine

23.05.16 | Halya Coynash
Can lies that kill and distortion of events that have led to mass human rights violations be protected by the right to freedom of speech? Swedish TV SVT seems to think that they can since it has, despite strong protest, decided to broadcast Paul Moreira’s ‘Masks of the Revolution’ which gravely misrepresents Euromaidan, a tragedy in Odesa and Russia’s annexation of Crimea

Ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson blames Russia’s annexation of Crimea on the EU

10.05.16 | Halya Coynash
Ukraine got dragged into the ‘arguments’ presented by advocates for Britain’s exit from the European Union on Monday, in a manner both startling and depressingly reminiscent of two years of Kremlin propaganda. According to Boris Johnson, it was not Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea and its military aggression in Eastern Ukraine that had caused “real trouble”, but the EU’s actions. .

BBC Accuses British, Russian Media of Skewing MH17 Reporting

26.04.16 | Carl Schreck
The BBC has issued a rare defense of an upcoming documentary about the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, accusing British media of distorting its report about a tragedy that killed 298 passengers and crew in July 2014.

Time is running out for rule of law in Ukraine.

13.04.16 | Luc Vancraen
There is a real risk that reforms will stall now that the country has moved from the unsustainable Yanukovych corruption levels to the sustainable Kuchma levels that allowed some to become extremely rich while the vast majority remained structurally poor

What Now For Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement?

08.04.16 | Rikard Jozwiak
The defeat packs a symbolic wallop for Ukraine, where the Euromaidan unrest that toppled the government nearly two years ago was fueled in large part by a desire for closer relations with the EU. But it could also block planned visa liberalization for Ukrainians who wish to travel to EU states

What European Values if Dutch Referendum Result Stands?

07.04.16 | Halya Coynash
It is hard to find the words to express the sense of betrayal. Are the deaths on Maidan, the persecution, and courage to have no meaning because of a pseudo referendum with questionable motives, arguments taken straight out of the propaganda Russia used to justify its aggression against Ukraine and highly dubious funding?

Ukraine: The case for ’voor’ in the Dutch Referendum

06.04.16 | Carl Bildt
The European Union must ensure that it has a realistic and effective policy towards its East. And entering into agreements which encourage greater integration and cooperation with these countries is the only way of doing that.

The New York Times Was Right about Ukraine’s Corruption Problem

05.04.16 | Halya Coynash
President Poroshenko’s dismissal of a critical New York Times editorial as ‘hybrid warfare’ seems wildly off the mark. NYT was, if anything, more charitable of the President’s motives than many Ukrainians who assume Poroshenko’s main criterion for the prosecutor general and the next prime minister is the candidate’s loyalty

Letters From Donbas, Part 7: ’How Long Can You Postpone Your Life?’

From teachers to pensioners to families with children, residents of rebel-held towns are struggling to get on with their lives amid the chaos and uncertainty.

Dissident MPs lose mandate in new move towards ‘party dictatorship’

31.03.16 | Halya Coynash
Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has complied with a highly contentious move by the bloc of Petro Poroshenko [BPP] and has stripped two Ukrainian MPs of their mandate. The move is especially chilling as one of the MPs Yehor Firsov had left the faction in protest at what he called corruption among the leadership

Two Years After Annexation, Crimeans Wait On Russia’s Unfulfilled Promises

25.03.16 | Viktoria Veselova, Pavlo Kazarin
In the run-up to the March 16, 2014, referendum in Crimea -- which has not been recognized as legitimate by the international community -- Moscow and pro-Russian figures on the peninsula promised locals a glittering and prosperous future. The promises remained unkept

Appeal by the leaders of Ukrainian national communities to the Dutch population

Ukrainian citizens of different nationalities took an active part in the Revolution of Dignity. They fought for a European future for our country, for the rule of law, for the triumph of the principles of tolerance and the inviolability of human rights.

Kremlin Donbas Proxy Openly Rejects Minsk Agreement Elections

21.03.16 | Halya Coynash
A key Kremlin-backed leader has stated that he has no intention of implementing the Minsk Agreement and holding elections according to Ukrainian legislation. Western irritation with Ukraine’s supposed failure to come up with a ‘special’ law to enable such elections is therefore unfounded.

Ukrainian PEN asks Dutch colleagues to support a YES vote

It is Ukrainian civil society that has pushed our governments towards closer cooperation with the EU, towards acceptance and unambiguous implementation of European rules and standards, democratic institutions and practices, liberal stances and policies.

Human rights in Crimea

16.03.16 | Boris Zakharov
Review of human rights situation in the Crimea

Myth, ’observers’ & victims of Russia’s fake Crimean referendum

16.03.16 | Halya Coynash
Since the 2nd anniversary of Russia’s pseudo ‘referendum’ on Crimea comes as the West is pushing Ukraine to agree to ‘elections’ in Kremlin-controlled Donbas, it seems worth recalling that supposed ‘expression of the people’s will’ and the motley crowd of far-right, neo-Nazi or extreme left-wing politicians who were invited as ‘observers’

Former Soviet political prisoners call on Holland to say yes to Ukraine’s European future

More than eighty former political prisoners from ex-Soviet republics have appealed to the people of the Netherlands to vote in favour of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Russian spetsnaz officer exposed fighting in Donbas demands YouTube remove the ’confidential’ evidence

07.03.16 | Halya Coynash
Can apparent evidence of Russian war crimes in Donbas be protected as ‘confidential’ material? The InformNapalm project, which probes Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine, believes not, and has responded accordingly to the demand from YouTube to remove a particular video.

Playing with fear and ignorance

07.03.16 | Robert van Voren
Further important insight on the worrying referendum in the Netherlands on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

How a democratic tool became a threat to democracy

04.03.16 | Robert van Voren
The author describes how a referendum once introduced as the ultimate form of democracy has been hijacked in Holland, and is serving those in Russia whose basic rules of the game are simple – that the EU should crumble before Russia goes down the drain