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today 01.11.2014 00:38
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Prava Ludyny

Kharkiv’s authorities find themselves in no need of lustration

The Kharkiv City Council has reported that it carried out a ‘check of personnel’ in according with the Law on Cleaning up the Government and found not one single person who fell under the force of the law

A Lustration Law for the Record – and the Elections

22.10.14 | Halya Coynash
The farcical nature of Ukraine’s new Law on Cleaning up the Government was seen within hours of the law coming into force. The list made public of the first 36 heads to roll was like a modern public execution – of suspected witches rather than of known criminals.

Legislating murder, abduction and land-grabs in the Crimea

21.10.14 | Halya Coynash
Russia may soon adopt a law which would waive any liability by the armed paramilitaries in the Crimea who have murdered, abducted and beaten up opponents of Russian occupation, as well as seizing land and assets. Or who will, since the impunity would be till Jan 2015

Whose Revanche? Key suspects in the Oct 14 disturbances

17.10.14 | Halya Coynash
Nobody is admitting liability for the disturbances on Oct 14 when certain masked protesters tried to storm parliament and attack police. A marginal group hankering for a military junta to take control seems the likeliest candidate, though multiple questions remain.

Provoking predictable UPA anniversary disturbances

16.10.14 | Halya Coynash
On who was behind the disturbances outside parliament on Oct 14, and why out of 364 days, President Poroshenko had to choose October 14 as Day of Defender of Ukraine, a day closely associated with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [UPA]

Russian "Right Sector War against Odessa Jews” Debunked

09.10.14 | Halya Coynash
Russian attempts to fabricate anti-Semitic attacks in Ukraine have yet again clashed head on with reality. This time the Odessa Jewish Community has been forced to issue a statement denying every part of the ‘story’ after being deluged with anxious calls from around the world.

Russia to honour ’little green men’ in Crimea

04.10.14 | Halya Coynash 
Russia’s Defence Ministry has proposed setting aside a special day to honour the Russian soldiers without insignia deployed for Moscow’s annexation of the Crimea this year. The move coincides with letters from the same ministry denying the ever-mounting evidence of Russian soldiers fighting and dying in Ukraine.

Russian Investigators work in sync with media on ’mass grave’ campaign

03.10.14 | Halya Coynash 
Western journalists have exposed gross distortions in Russian media coverage of supposed ‘mass graves’ in the Donetsk oblast, but should note more ‘irrefutable evidence’, including a real live ‘war criminal’. from Russia’s Investigative Committee before assuming the media are behind the sensation

Legislative Stab in the Back for Crimeans

A law condemned by human rights organizations as discriminating against Crimeans and effectively recognizing the Crimea as Russian came into force on Sept 27 after President Petro Poroshenko ignored calls to veto it

Russia accuses Ukraine of committing ‘genocide of Russian speakers’

01.10.14 | Halya Coynash 
Russia’s Investigative Committee [IC] has faced - and failed - many tests to its credibility over recent months, but its new ‘genocide’ case against Ukraine is probably a record-breaker

Moscow endorses offensive against Crimean Tatar Mejlis

27.09.14 | Halya Coynash 
Say that the Crimea was annexed by Russia, that the rights of Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainians and others are being infringed, and you risk being labelled an ‘extremist’, prosecuted for ‘inciting inter-ethnic enmity’ or deported as ‘undesirable’. And most terrifyingly, you risk being ignored by western leaders who really don’t want to know.

‘Mass graves’ for Russian Propaganda

26.09.14 | Halya Coynash 
Russia’s foreign ministry, together with the Kremlin-backed militants in Donbas and Russian media have begun a ‘mass grave’ and Ukrainian ‘war crimes’ campaign, distorting or wildly embellishing an inconvenient OSCE report about the same graves

Germans ignore international embargo against Russian-occupied Crimea

23.09.14 | Halya Coynash 
During a week in which Russian FSB carried out armed searches of Crimean Tatar families, mosques and schools and the Mejlis, or Crimean Tatar assembly came under unprecedented attack, it was business or fun as usual for German entrepreneurs and passengers on a Hansa Touristik GmbH operated luxury liner visiting Yalta.

Russian, or else: On how Russia is foisting its citizenship in Crimea

22.09.14 | Halya Coynash 
If a recent Russian directive is fulfilled to the letter, thousands of Crimean Tatars, ethic Ukrainians and others who did not take Russian citizenship could in 2015 be treated as ‘foreigners’ and conceivably forced to leave the Crimea.

Thousands of Russians tell their leaders to get out of Ukraine

Protesters in Moscow and St Petersburg carried banners reading “Putin get out of Ukraine”” “Putin, we’ve had enough of your lies”, etc. Protests in other Russian cities were banned by the authorities.

What now? Donbas and Ukraine with the ‘special status law’

17.09.14 | Halya Coynash 
Serhiy Taruta, Donetsk Governor feels that the citizens of Donbas have been sold out by the laws passed in a secret vote on Tuesday, while a constitutional expert points out that the law makes no mention of removal of Russian troops or restoration of the State border

No Limits to Russian Impunity?

16.09.14 | Halya Coynash
If President Poroshenko’s ‘special status’ draft bill for the parts of Donbas under Kremlin-backed militant control is passed, it will create the latest of Moscow’s frozen conflicts in Europe and make a bitter mockery of rule of law in Ukraine

Des manifestations contre l’Ukraine sont organisées par les médias russes

A travers l’Europe, de nombreuses manifestations avec leurs cortèges de banderoles prétendant que l’Ukraine est coupable de "génocide" dans le Donbas etc. sont spécialement orchestrées pour, ou plutôt par, les médias russes.

L’Union Européenne au secours des "taupes" du Kremlin

Deux semaines après que l’engagement militaire de la Russie en Ukraine a été prouvé de manière irréfutable, l’Union Européenne se met d’accord sur des sanctions, pour aussitôt en remettre l’exécution à plus tard. Pendant ce temps, les militants sponsorisés par le Kremlin mettent à profit la destruction et les maux qu’ils ont infligés eux-même avec l’aide des militaires russes pour se faire passer pour les "bons samaritains".

“Azov” – What’s the problem?

11.09.14 | Halya Coynash
It had seemed hard to imagine a better gift for Russian propaganda than a Ukrainian volunteer battalion formed by men with pronounced neo-Nazi views. Even more fodder for Russia’s propaganda machine could soon be provided if one of the Azov battalion’s leaders is not kept well away from the coming parliamentary elections.