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today 01.10.2016 11:41
(by Kyiv time)


Kharkiv Human Rights Group Social Networking

Prava Ludyny

Dedovshchina and officers

21.05.00 | A. Kostinskiy, Memorial , Moscow

Propositions of the participants of the seminar

On 28-29 May the Union of soldiers. mothers of Ukraine, supported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, held an international seminar. Problems of legal counseling to recruits, soldiers and to persons suffering from remote consequences of army service.. The participants of the seminar turned to the President of Ukraine L.Kuchma, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine O.Kuzmuk and the general army inspector at the President. s administration V.Sobkov.

Top priorities in the work of USMU

21.05.00 | V.Artamonova, Head of the USMU

Open and insolent trampling of human rights by Uzbek powers came to Kyiv

21.05.00 | Abdufattakh Mannapov, Co-chairman of the Directorate of the Society on observance human rights in Ce

A typical history of a deserter

This is a complaint of a soldier’s mother Zezekalo L.A. This complaint was handed to Kharkov Group for human rights protection.