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today 21.12.2014 06:42
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Kharkiv Human Rights Group Social Networking

Prava Ludyny

Report on the fulfillment of the project "Creation and maintenance of the Internet site Human rights in Ukraine’"

The project was financed by the international foundation Vidrodjennia’ and fulfilled by the Kharkov Group for human rights protection (KhG, in what follows).

Twenty years later

11.12.00 | I. Zakharova, Kharkov

Political repressions in Ukraine

11.12.00 | E. Zakharov, Kharkov

The everlasting script

We devote the following materials to the 26th anniversary of the Political Convict Day, which is celebrated on 30 October.

Two members of the International Union of human rights protection are tried for slander

09.12.00 | E. Zakharov, Kharkiv
Every public movement has, using George Orwell phrase, a lunatic fringe that only discredits the movement. The following article describes the deeds of two fighters for justice.

Once more about propiska

09.12.00 | E. Solovyev, Kharkiv