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Prava Ludyny

Editor of the newspaper „“ was recognized as guilty of the crime of medium gravity

14.12.03 | Andrey Lubenskiy, Cherkassy
On 5 February a judge of the Sosnovskiy district court of Cherkassy proclaimed the verdict on the case of Oleg Liashko, the editor of the newspaper „Svoboda“. The court recognized Liashko as guilty of crime of „medium gravity“ – resistance to law-enforcers – and obliged him to pay a fine.

A partner of the publishing house „Taki spravy“ is still staying behind the bars

On 21 December the judicial chamber in charge of criminal cases of the Appeal court of Kyiv considered the complaint of advocates Bogdan Ferents and Valeriy Kornilov against the verdict of the Solomenski court of Kyiv concerning Valentin Romanov, a partner of the publishing house „Taki spravy“. The court satisfied the complaint partly. V. Romanov was condemned to six and a half years of incarceration.

The conflict between Chernivtsi journalists and the power

13.12.02 | Inna Sukhorukova, Kharkiv
The representatives of the oblast and town mass media turned to the President of Ukraine, heads of force structures and ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva. The journalists insist that the open pressure is exerted upon the journalists and editors of the oblast mass media. The main culprit, in their opinion is Teofil Bauer, the oblast governor.

For the first time in the Crimea a journalist won the trial against town authorities.

The editor of the newspaper “Alubika”, won the trial against the mayor of Alupka, a small Crimean town. The court obliged Alupka mayor Valeriy Andik to accredit the journalist to the town council and to render the journalist all information he needed for his work.

The authorities continue to persecute the only Crimean Ukrainian-language newspaper

13.12.02 | Volodymir Pritula, Simferopol
In spite of the personal President’s order the local authorities continue to oppress the newspaper “Krymska svitlytsia”.

A new British initiative in the sphere of mass media.

The project „Media reforms“ approved by the British government is aimed to change the attitude to the freedom of speech and the independent mass media in the entire Ukrainian society. The Center of media reforms will be created for this at the National University „Kyivo-Mogilianska Academy“.

Lugansk journalists ask the Supreme Rada to save them from the unfair claims

13.12.02 | Galina Sinarevska
Lugansk journalists turned to MPs with the proposition to introduce changes into the laws regulating the informational activities. The cause for this appeal was the closure of the newspaper „Rakurs-plus“.

The Appeal of the conference of Ukrainian journalists „Political censorship in Ukraine“.

Ukrainian journalists demand to create the Independent trade union of journalists for protecting the right to fulfil their professional duties.

The collective of the UNIAN agency is pressed by the President’s team.

The agency got under a strong pressure connected with its independent information activities, and the collective relates this with the appointment a week ago of the new head of information service, who represents the interests of President’s administration.

Ukraine got the 112th place in the rating by the level of the freedom of speech.

The international organization „Reporters without frontiers“ made public the list consisting of 139 countries with their rating by the level of the freedom of speech. Ukraine is on the 112th position, Russia – on 121st, Belarus – on 124th.

Board of the communist party cut off in Krivoy Rog

13.12.02 | Mykola Korobko, Krivoy Rog
The events, which are occurring these days in Krivoy Rog, shows, it seems, that the communist party joined the opposition. The board for placing the communist press was dismounted by the order of the mayor. Poltava journalist L. Kucherenko vs. state officials. Ludmila Kucherenko, the editor-in-chief of the Poltava newspaper „Novy den“, turned to the oblast prosecutor’s office with the request to start a criminal case against state officials for impeding her legal journalistic activities. The Poltava town council impeded her activities by the refusal to give her the requested information about the town mayor.

Ukrainian language disappeared from the FM-air of Odessa

The National Council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting of Ukraine deprived the Ukrainian-language Odessa oblast state radio company "Radio na Troitskiy" of the license.

The Crimean authorities press on the local mass media

13.12.02 | Volodymir Pritula, Simferopol
The hard situation with the freedom of speech established in the Crimea, informed the local Committee for monitoring the freedom of the press.

Journalism is a dangerous profession

13.12.02 | Yuri Narbut
The Ukrainian center of economic and political research conducted a poll devoted to the problems of mass media.

„Juridical clinics“ for legal training of students

13.12.02 | Dmitriy Shlykov, Lugansk
"Juridical clinics" as the main element of practical system of preparing specialists in the branch of jurisprudence: goals, problems and legal grounds.