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Prava Ludyny

Re-criminalising defamation in Ukraine would be a step backwards

24.09.12 | www.coe.int
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland urges Ukraine’s “parliament to reject this attempt to stifle media freedom, which is an essential precondition for a functioning democracy”

Ukrainian PEN Centre condemns draft bill criminalizing defamation

It calls this an attempt to reinstate one of the shameful provisions of Soviet legislation which was traditionally used by the regime to stifle dissident thinking and against political opponents

Broadcasting Council also opposes criminalization of defamation law

It joins a significant number of Ukrainian and international bodies which have expressed concern over a seriously retrograde move

Stop Censorship: Defamation Law would set the path for political repression

The civic movement Stop Censorship believes the draft law criminalizing defamation, passed on Tuesday in its first reading, is a threat to journalists, bloggers, activists and users of social networks and forums who merely comment on the news

Ukraine plans to re-criminalize defamation a ‘setback’, warns OSCE media freedom representative

20.09.12 | www.osce.org
Criminalizing speech in a modern democracy means stifling debate and protecting public officials from criticism, and can only lead to self-censorship on the part of the media

Threat to freedom of information from plan to recriminalize defamation

20.09.12 | en.rsf.org
Ukraine will go back 11 years if defamation’s re-inclusion in the criminal code is confirmed, Reporters Without Borders says. "It would run counter to the worldwide trend and would clearly violate the international conventions Ukraine has ratified

Parliament takes first backward step to criminalizing defamation

The draft law tabled by Party of the Regions MP Vitaly Zhuravsky on re-introducing criminal liability for defamation and circulating false information has been adopted in its first reading by Ukraine’s parliament

Government steps up measures against “actions which threaten public order”

18.09.12 | www.kmu.gov.ua
The Cabinet of Ministers has issued a Directive to the Security Service, the State Broadcasting Committee and other bodies on measures, including media coverage, against terrorism, calls to overthrow the constitutional order, disturbing the peace …

Journalists threat walk-out over refusal to name guard

Journalists have threatened to leave the Inter-departmental Working Group if the guard who obstructed and used force against peaceful protesters at the World Newspaper Congress in Kyiv on 3 September is not identified

16 September – In Memory of Gongadze and other slain journalists

17.09.12 | news.liga.net
On Sunday evening people gathered to remember Georgy Gongadze and other Ukrainian journalists killed. They lit candles which burned in boxes with the names of the journalists. These were burned at the end symbolizing a funeral pyre for freedom of speech in Ukraine.

The Blocking of the Gongadze Case fits into the scheme of things of the present regime

17.09.12 | www.imi.org.ua
A few years ago the most striking illustration of the problems of Ukraine’s justice system was the Gongadze case however now there are a lot of other cases which also demonstrate a power elite controlling the justice system and the law enforcement

Gongadze Case: Court should call back a number of witnesses

17.09.12 | www.unian.ua
Valentina Telychenko, the lawyer representing Myroslava Gongadze, widow of the murdered journalist, is asking the court to bring back for further questioning a number of prosecution witnesses in the Pukach trial

Stop Censorship wants to identify the guard who used force against journalists

Stop Censorship is looking for the person who on 3 September during the address by President Yanukovych to the World Newspaper Congress ripped placards calling for freedom of speech from the hands of Ukrainian journalists and used force against them

Broadcasting Council promises to check why TVi is being cut off AFTER the elections

The Head of the Broadcasting Council claims that no checks are possible during the election period. Most observers both within Ukraine and abroad believe the present actions against TVi are aimed at silencing its critical voice as the elections approach

TVi: Tax authorities looking for a pretext for a new check

In a statement issued on Thursday, TVi accused the tax authorities of choosing a path which would enable them to ignore the current ban on scheduled checks of the media and carry out another check.

Poroshenko apparently cancels sanctions against TVi

According to Mykola Knyzhytsky, TVi General Director, the Minister of the Economy, Petro Poroshenko has cancelled the sanctions announced on Wednesday against the beleaguered independent TV channel TVi.

TVi loses appeal over tax case

On 12 September the independent television channel lost its appeal against the results of the check carried out by the State Tax Administration. The Administrative Court of Appeal thus revoked the ruling of the first instance court which had been in TVi’s favour

TVi prohibited from contracting foreign agreements without official permission

This latest move against effectively the only independent TV channel in Ukraine is over a supposed debt of 2 thousand USD which Mustafa Nayem, one of the TVi presenters, says has long been paid

Reporters Without Borders creates mirror sites to fight censorship

13.09.12 | en.rsf.org
So that independent news websites that are targeted by cyber-attacks and government blocking can continue posting information online, Reporters Without Borders is going to start mirroring sites

Cleansing of the media space continues

12.09.12 | dif.org.ua
The Democratic Initiatives Foundation believes there is little doubt that the actions against TVi by cable operators are prompted by pressure from the authorities trying to deprive Ukrainian TV viewers access to objective and balanced information on the eve of the parliamentary elections.