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today 23.04.2014 03:40
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Prava Ludyny

Interior Ministry finds no infringement in physical violence against Channel 5 journalist

Azad Safarov from TV Channel 5 lodged a complaint after Zeva elbowed him in the face and then pushed his hand with the microphone away several times very roughly when the journalist tried to find out his name and position

Fined for telling the truth

06.04.12 | Halya Coynash
The two Kherson students who pasted up posters rephrasing the line of a song to read: : “I don’t know another country whose President is a former prisoner” have been fined for “spreading false rumours which can cause panic among the population or disrupt public order”

Verdict on Yury Vynnychuk’s poem to come from Donetsk

The Lviv Police have semt Yury Vynnychuk’s poem “Kill the bugger” [“Ubiy pederasta”] to the Donetsk Court Assessment Institute. They are to decide whether the poem is pornographic, or whether it contains calls to violence against representatives of the authorities

Inept zeal against anti-Yanukovych posters

Mykola Khavronyuk from the Centre for Political and Legal Reform is scathing about recent measures against students pasting posters with Yanukovych and the words ““I don’t know another country whose President is a former prisoner”.

Ongoing pressure on Afghanistan War veterans since action snubbing the President

03.04.12 | www.unian.net
Members of the organization “Nobody but Us” say that they have been subjected to repression since their action on 15 February when they demonstrably turned their back on Viktor Yanukovych

Deliberate attack on Road Control journalist

On 2 April a man in Mykolaiv deliberately drove his car into Vitaly Kosenko, a journalist from Dorozhny Kontrol [Road Control] – a website which monitors the work of the traffic police and breaches of drivers’ rights.

Media Union warns of danger of censorship on TV 1 + 1

03.04.12 | nmpu.org.ua
The Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine is concerned by the latest removal of a feature from the Money programme on TV 1 + 1. Once again, it points out, the “victim” is an item concerning the activities of those in power

International Delegation Expresses Press Freedom Concerns in Ukraine

An international delegation of press freedom organisations met on 3 April with Serhii Liovochkin, Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, to discuss freedom of expression issues facing the country.

Channel 5 journalist complains of police obstruction

Azad Safarov from TV Channel 5 has lodged a statement with the Ministry of the Interior regarding obstruction of his professional activities following the alleged behaviour of the Deputy Head of the Svyatoshynsk Police Station on 31 March

Head of Dorozhny Kontrol accuses police of ordering attack on him

Rostyslav Shaposhnykov is convinced that it was not, as the police are suggesting, a normal robbery, and points out that he concerns himself solely with uncovering crimes committed by the traffic police, as well as other representatives of the authorities – the Prosecutor and court in the area of road traffic

International delegation to meet Ukrainian President over press freedom concerns

01.04.12 | www.wan-ifra.org
The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers and the World Editors Forum are heading an international delegation to Ukraine this week to meet President Yanukovych and investigate growing concerns about freedom of expression in the country

Public procurement or interference in editorial policy

Media lawyer Ihor Rozkladai comments on the letters sent by the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee specifying what regional TV and radio companies [TRC] should give coverage to

More activists detained for posting “anti-Yanukovych” posters

Three activists were detained for pasting up portraits of President Yanukovych with the words of a well-known Soviet song changed to read “I don’t know another country whose President is a former prisoner”.

Criminal investigation over harassment of Kharkiv TV channel directors

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office informs that it has initiated a criminal investigation under “hooliganism” with respect to harassment of Yelena Barannyk , Director of the TV channel A/TVK,. And Iryna Rubashko, Director of TV Fora

Concealed advertising in printed press rises steeply in February

According to monitoring carried out by the Institute for Mass Information, February saw a sharp increase in commissioned news or “dzhynsa” over the previous month.

Assault on head of “Dorozhny Kontrol websi

On 24 March Rostyslav Shaposhnykov from the website Road Control which monitors the work of the traffic police was set upon while getting into his car, forced into a jeep by two men, driven outside Kyiv and beaten up.

Eight men jailed over falsification of Alexandrov murder case

26.03.12 | www.unian.net
Eight people, four of them ex-police officers have been convicted of falsifying the material of the criminal case in which Yury Veredyuk was accused of murdering journalist Ihor Aleksandrov. AlAA

New and worrying harassment of A/TVK Director

23.03.12 | glavnoe.ua
In the fifth apparent attempt to harass Yelena Barannyk, blood was spread around outside her flat with the remains of liver, entrails etc strewn over the landing

Ukrainian journalist seeks asylum in Lithuania

Kyiv journalist Anatoly Shariy has asked for political asylum in Lithuania, and asserts that he is facing persecution by law enforcement bodies in Ukraine in connection with his journalist work.

Stop Censorship calls on politicians to stop concealed advertising

The journalist movement Stop Censorship has issued a statement in which it calls on representatives of all political forces to stop the practice of commissioning information about their activities which is not marked as political advertising