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Prava Ludyny

Businessmen buy media publications purely to improve their image

11.07.12 | www.unian.ua
According to the Head of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists sees a major problem in Ukraine being the fact that businesspeople see their media interests as solely for political influence and lobbying

Zaporizhya: Protest in support of beleaguered newspaper Subbota Plus

Around 100 local journalists and readers of Subbota Plus [Saturday Plus] protested against censorship and pressure on the publication

Cassation appeal against ban on peaceful gathering near Mezhyhirya

The Media Law Institute has lodged a cassation appeal over the ban imposed on the Stop Censorship movement’s plan to hold a peaceful gathering near the President’s controversial residence at Mezhyhirya

Investigation into forced “confession” by journalist Maxim Kasyanov

An Independent Media Union committee has spent time in Donetsk investigating the circumstances around the “confession” given by journalist Maxim Kasyanov to an attack on the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Andriy Shyshatsky

Chief Editor of LB.ua leaves Ukraine over threat of criminal proceedings

Sonya Koshkina, Chief Editor of the Internet publication Levy Bereg [lb.ua] has left Ukraine following attempts by Volodymyr Landik, Party of the Regions MP to get criminal proceedings initiated against LB journalists

Press Freedom: An Own Goal for Ukraine

03.07.12 | www.wan-ifra.org
A report entitled "Make freedom of expression a reality, Mr President" outlines the findings of a research mission in April that found serious corruption issues and other problems and recommends steps to improve freedom of expression in the country.

Proposed laws discriminate against LGBTI people and violate children’s rights

02.07.12 | www.amnesty.org
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are calling on the Verkhovna Rada to reject two draft laws which would directly contravene Ukraine’s obligations to protect the right to non-discrimination, including on the ground of sexual orientation and other rights

Gongadze Murder: Withdrawal of charges against Kuchma upheld

On 26 June the High Specialized Court for Civil and Criminal Cases rejected the cassation appeal against the withdrawal of criminal charges against former President Kuchma in connection with Georgy Gongadze’s murder

Parliamentary committee wants explanation about SBU surveillance of journalist

The Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech has promised that Ukrainska Pravda’s allegations of harassment by the Security Service will be considered at the Committee’s next meeting

Donetsk authorities get 1 out of 5 for openness

25.06.12 | www.imi.org.ua
Interview given by Oleksy Matsuka, Chief Editor of the Internet publication Novosti Donbassa and victim of an arson attack in July 2011 which the police are making no effort to investigate

Ukrainska Pravda accuses SBU of harassing one of its journalists

The Chief Editor of Ukrainska Pravda has accused Ukraine’s Security Service of using surveillance, phone tapping and intimidation against a journalist who tried to find out more about the Dnipropetrovsk bombing arrests

Journalist “confesses” under pressure to attack on Donetsk Governor

Donetsk journalist Maxim Kasyanov has confirmed that he “confessed” to an attack on the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Andriy Shyshatsky under serious pressure from a Prosecutor’s Office investigator

Parliament rejects new law on public morality

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday voted to withdraw from consideration a draft Law on the Protection of Public Morality. The draft bill had been criticized by media and civic organizations.

Journalist Union concerned about dismissal of Editor prior to the elections

21.06.12 | monitor.cn.ua
The Chernihiv Regional Branch of the National Union of Journalists has issued a statement over the intention of the Chernihiv District Council and Chernihiv District State Administration to appoint a new Editor of the municipal newspaper “Nash Krai”

Media Union demands dismissal of TV Crimea Acting Head

The Independent Media Union considers that the Acting General Director of the channel Valery Humenyuk is entirely unsuited for his position given the measures of censorship and police methods he has imposed on the editorial team.

Anti-terror decree – beginning of terror for human rights?

16.06.12 | Roman Kuybida | www.pravda.com.ua
The Deputy Director of the Central of Political and Legal Reform has analyzed the latest presidential decree and National Defence and Security Council Decision and says that the subject of terrorism is being hyped up as a pretext for further encroachments on human rights

Fighting terrorism or pluralism?

15.06.12 | Halya Coynash | www.telekritika.ua
There are disturbing echoes in a recent National Defence and Security Council Decision of the so-called fight against extremism in neighbouring Russia where the terms “terrorism” and “extremism” are used in a dangerously imprecise and loose manner.

Presidential Decree on “heightening measures against terrorism”

Judging by the following President’s Decree and Decision of the National Defence and Security Council Ukraine’s leaders may be planning measures against what they call extremism, radicalism etc, similar to those already seen in Russia

Interior Minister wants to “regulate” access to the Internet

15.06.12 | tyzhden.ua
The Interior Minister Valery Zakharchenko has proposed a legislative initiative to the Cabinet of Ministers which would “regulate the possibility of access to information on the Internet”.

Crimean Tatars demand broadcasting time

13 journalists from the Crimean Tatar programme on the State-owned TV Channel “Krym” [Crimea] have issued a statement demanding increased broadcasting time, improved technical facilities as well as an end to pressure on journalists