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Prava Ludyny

UNIAN editors give examples of censorship, taboo subjects and more

01.11.12 | imi.org.ua
Six editors from the UNIAN website have addressed an open letter to the UNIAN General Director in which they give examples of censorship, taboo subjects and also concealed advertising on behalf of the leader of the Communist Party and one other parliamentary candidate.

UNIAN editors accuse General Director of censorship

Five editors of the UNIAN website have accused General Director Vadim Osadchy of censorship after an article about a picket outside the President’s Administration was removed, and two editors fined

Moment of truth for freedom of information, concern on eve of elections

26.10.12 | en.rsf.org
Reporters without Borders has urged the UN Human Rights Council to remind Ukraine to respect its international obligations and says that respect for freedom of information has worsened to such as degree that the country is now at a turning point.

Journalist says he was attacked while investigating vote-buying

Kost Kovalenko who writes for the information agency HolosUA and other publications has reported being beaten up in Berdychev where he was investigating voter-buying in No. 63 single-mandate electoral district

Disturbingly misleading monitoring from the State Broadcasting Committee

NGOs have reacted with concern at an attempt to use highly original monitoring by the State Committee on TV and Radio Broadcasting to manipulate public opinion in Ukraine and abroad

TVi disappears in four more cities

Volya Cable has disconnected the independent TV channel Tvi from its universal programme in four cities – Poltava, Kherson, Simferopol and Sumy

Most covert political advertising in September about Azarov and Tihipko

16.10.12 | imi.org.ua
According to the monitoring carried out by the Institute for Mass Information, 11% of the material in the printed press was political “dzhynsa” [commissioned material presented as “news”]

Assaulted journalist told to look for assailants himself

15.10.12 | tsn.ua
Dmytro Volkov, a journalist from the TV programme “Hroshi” [Money] on 1 + 1 was told by the investigators following the attack on him to investigate the crime himself

Parliament wants to restrict Ukrainska Pravda journalists

The Verkhovna Rada Office has asked the Committee on Freedom of Speech to consider whether two journalists from Ukrainska Pravda should be admitted to parliamentary sessions after the elections after their entirely peaceful protest agaiinst the libel law

TVi journalist sued for “libel” over comments on Facebook

Anton Yatsenko, Party of the Regions MP and parliamentary candidate is enraged by Artem Shevchenko’s posting saying that his sources link Yatsenko with an accident in which a person died. It transpired that Yatsenko’s sister was driving and the journalist has apologized

Ominous warning regarding libel law

Not unexpectedly, the Party of the Regions is making it abundantly clear that they have not given up the idea of measures against “libel”.

Libel law rescinded

MPs on Tuesday voted in favour of a resolution rescinding the libel law tabled by Party of the Regions MP Vitaly Zhuravsky which would have reintroduced criminal liability for libel / defamation.

Against the libel law

Around 300 journalists and other concerned members of the public picketed parliament on Monday morning demanding that the draft law recriminalizing libel be properly withdrawn.

EFJ supports campaign against defamation bill

02.10.12 | europe.ifj.org
The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) on Monday backed calls by Ukrainian journalists for the withdrawal of proposed legislation that would introduce criminal responsibility for libel.

Freedom House Calls on Ukraine to Put Stop to Criminal Defamation Bill

Freedom House condemns the initiative to recriminalize defamation in Ukraine and calls on the Ukrainian Rada (parliament) to remove the bill from consideration

Libel Law: Where next?

Roman Kabachiy from the Institute for Mass Information writes that the discussion the bill has arrived has highlighted four key questions: why it has appeared at all, why now, who it’s convenient for and what we should expect

Parallel Media Worlds

01.10.12 | Halya Coynash | www.kyivpost.com
The EU cannot be blamed if Ukraine’s leaders are willing to throw away European integration rather than play by democratic rules, but they should not help prop up a charade

Memorandum on standards of coverage of election campaign

Internews Ukraine and the Institute for the Development of the Regional Press have drawn up a Memorandum on Standards of Coverage of the Election Campaign and invite other journalists to join them

Money Programme journalist attacked

On 26 September two assailants beat up journalist from the TV programme “Hroshi” [Money] on 1 + 1, Dmytro Volkov

Journal Ukrainsky Tyzhden accuses the authorities of pressure

The Ukrainian language journal Ukrainsky Tyzhden [Ukrainian Week] accuses the Ukrainian authorities of restricting its access to readers. It has issued a statement saying that it is being pushed out of the market because of its criticism of the government.