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today 01.09.2015 17:03
(by Kyiv time)


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Prava Ludyny

Lutsk tax inspectors threaten newspaper with tax check

Despite the ban on checks during the election campaign, the tax police have demanded documents to verify expenses from the Lutsk newspaper “Khronikla Lyubarta” and threatened to carry out an unscheduled check in the editorial offices of the newspaper.

Electoral Foul

10.09.12 | Halya Coynash
Measures which remove access to TVi’s hard-hitting coverage of events in the country are so clearly aimed at limiting voters’ ability to make an informed judgement in the October parliamentary elections that unequivocal response from all those following these elections is needed now

Independent TV station under increasing threat

10.09.12 | en.rsf.org
Reporters Without Borders reiterates its concern at the constant harassment of the privately-owned national television station TVi. Despite the dropping of tax evasion charges against its chief executive, the station is under greater threat than ever.

Ukrainians defy court bans to defend TVi

Around 5 thousand people gathered in Kyiv on Saturday to show their support for the increasingly beleaguered independent TV channel TVi. There were similar rallies in Kharkiv and other cities.

Defend Freedom of Speech!

08.09.12 | 1-12.org.ua
The First December Initiative expresses their “deep concern over a sharp reduction in freedom of speech in Ukraine and the unprecedented pressure on the TV channel TVi.

Ukraine’s freedom of speech rating without distortion

Oksana Romanyuk, representative of Reporters without Borders in Ukraine is dismissive of claims by Denis Ivanescu from the President’s Administration that the movement Stop Censorship is ignoring a supposed improvement in the situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine

Stop Censorship hopes for WAN-IFRA help against aggressive security guards

The civic movement Stop Censorship has addressed a letter to the President of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers over attempts by security guards to wrench placards from journalists staging an entirely peaceful protest

President’s guards try to stop peaceful protest by journalists

During the peaceful protest staged by around 15 journalists during President Yanukovych’s address to the World Newspaper Congress in Kyiv, presidential guards manhandled two of the protesters

Iryna Bekeshkina: TV channels remain undisputed leaders in terms of influence

The Head of the Democratic Initiatives Foundations says that Ukraine’s TV viewers are influenced by TV channels under the control of the authorities, this therefore influencing the results of the election and state policy.

Stop the Destruction of Freedom of Speech in Ukraine!

The following is an appeal open for endorsement to members of the international community, especially journalists presently in Kyiv. It is also a demand to the Ukrainian authorities to stop the systematic destruction of the independent TV channel TVi

Statement of the Ukrainian Centre of the International PEN Club

in connection with the systematic persecution of independent television broadcasting in Ukraine

TVi journalists turn to the Ukrainian public and international bodies

31.08.12 | www.tvi.ua
They ask for assistance in making it clear to the President and Ukrainian authorities that the present measures aimed at radically reducing access to this independent television channel and possibly forcing it into bankruptcy are an unacceptable attack on freedom of speech

Ukrainian press freedom in the spotlight

31.08.12 | www.dw.de
Despite concerns about press freedom in Ukraine, organizers of the World Newspaper Congress beginning in Kyiv, as well as Ukrainian and international participants are against a boycott.

Journalist Union opens hot line to report cases of pressure during the elections

Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists is ready to provide legal assistance to its colleagues and to draw the public’s attention to cases where journalists’ professional activities are obstructed.

Party of the Regions gets vastly more broadcasting time than opposition

During the first three weeks of the election campaign the ruling Party of the Regions was absolute leader in broadcasting coverage throughout Ukraine, with an all-out record reached in the Donetsk oblast where the ruling party had 99.3% of coverage against 0.7% for all other political parties

Glavnoye’s file server removed during police search

While police claim that they searched a bank suspected of illegal transactions, their search included a business owned by prominent opposition figure Arsen Avakov, wanted on supposed “abuse of power charges and a publication often highly critical of the authorities

Search again underway of Kharkiv publication Glavnoye

28.08.12 | glavnoe.ua
With elections not far off, the Internet publication and newspaper Glavnoye has again been subjected to a search, together with a business owned by popular opposition politician Arsen Avakov who faces prosecution on abuse of power charges if he returns to Ukraine

“Most journalists in the regions are in fact State Administration employees”

28.08.12 | imi.org.ua
Interview with Dementiy Bily, Head of the Kherson Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine regarding the situation with commissioned material in the Kherson regional media

Party of the Regions sues newspaper over administrative resource allegations

The lawyer for the website Grechka says that he is baffled as to why an economic court should be hearing this case, and why a suit so full of mistakes was accepted

TVi demands that the Prosecutor take measures against Triolan

The beleaguered independent TV channel TVi has carried out its own investigation into the activities of the cable provider Triolan and has passed the information on to the Prosecutor