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today 22.11.2014 18:10
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Prava Ludyny

Ukraine: The authorities should stop harassing independent television channel TVi

Reporters without Borders, Freedom House, Article 19 and the Open Society Foundation have issued a statement expressing strong concern over the pressure on one of the last remaining independent TV channels and its Director, Mykola Knyazytsky

Front Line Defenders on the measures against TVi and Mykola Knyazhytsky

Front Line Defenders is seriously concerned about the restrictive measures being taken against Mikola Knyazhitski and TVi, and believes that they are solely motivated by the attempts of TVi to provide the Ukrainian public with an independent source of news on human rights and other issues.

Journalists come out in force in support of TVi and LB.ua

A large number of journalists gathered in protest and solidarity with beleaguered colleagues from the independent TV channel TVi and the Internet Internet publication Levy Bereg [LB.ua] on Thursday and refused to be driven away first by a fictictious bomb scare, then by an all-purpose court ban

Criminal proceedings against another independent media publication

The independent and often hard-hitting website LB.ua has closed access to its material, giving only photos of those it sees responsible for persecution following the Prosecutor’s decision to initiate criminal proceedings over alleged infringement of MP Landik’s privacy

Journalist leaves Crimean State Radio over alleged censorship

Anna Petrova, author of the Ukrainian language radio programme “Two Colours” has handed in her resignation after the removal from air of the 13 July programme which was about a banned protest in defence of the Ukrainian language.

Independent TV channel’s director fears another prosecution may be planned

Mykola Knyazhytsky, Director of the independent TV channel TÌi gives details about the tax charges and serious infringements by the tax investigator, including the fact that his medical records have been sought without his consent

Committee of Voters journalist refused accreditation for Party of the Regions conference

16.07.12 | www.cvu.org.ua
Dementiy Bily, member of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] and Editor of the Kherson CVU newspaper Vilny Vybir [Free Choice] was on 13 July refused accreditation to cover the Kherson regional Party of the Regions conference.

Measures against independent TV channel and against fair elections

13.07.12 | Halya Coynash | www.blogs.telekritika.ua
Less than 4 months before parliamentary elections, the tax police have descended heavily on TVi, one of the last TV channels willing to broadcast views critical of the government

Prosecutor checking attack by police officer on Odessa journalist

If the report by the journalist Oleksandr Horodilov’s website is correct and there are some 20 witnesses of the event, the Prosecutor’s initial statement seems worryingly inaccurate

Tax police descend on independent TVi channel

Tax police are at TVi with a court order to remove documents and a criminal case has been initiated over alleged tax evasion. Mykola Knyazhytsky says that they have already won a court case over the money in question and view this as another attack on freedom of speech.

Prosecutor sees no grounds for suspending investigator over forced confession

An investigation already stopped once, is now continuing again into how journalist Maxim Kasyanov was forced into “confessing” to an attempt on the Governor of the Donetsk Region

Widely condemned Personal Data Protection Bill gains fangs

From 1 July 2012 stiff penalties can be imposed for violation of a law condemned by media and human rights organizations, not least because of the enormous scope it provides for abuse.

Dangerous attack on Committee of Voters journalist

11.07.12 | www.cvu.org.ua
Anatoly Tiora, correspondent of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] Odessa regional publication IzbirKom, believes that the two men who hurled four Molotov cocktails at his home in Kotovsk planned to burn the house down, together with its inhabitants

Businessmen buy media publications purely to improve their image

11.07.12 | www.unian.ua
According to the Head of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists sees a major problem in Ukraine being the fact that businesspeople see their media interests as solely for political influence and lobbying

Zaporizhya: Protest in support of beleaguered newspaper Subbota Plus

Around 100 local journalists and readers of Subbota Plus [Saturday Plus] protested against censorship and pressure on the publication

Cassation appeal against ban on peaceful gathering near Mezhyhirya

The Media Law Institute has lodged a cassation appeal over the ban imposed on the Stop Censorship movement’s plan to hold a peaceful gathering near the President’s controversial residence at Mezhyhirya

Investigation into forced “confession” by journalist Maxim Kasyanov

An Independent Media Union committee has spent time in Donetsk investigating the circumstances around the “confession” given by journalist Maxim Kasyanov to an attack on the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Andriy Shyshatsky

Chief Editor of LB.ua leaves Ukraine over threat of criminal proceedings

Sonya Koshkina, Chief Editor of the Internet publication Levy Bereg [lb.ua] has left Ukraine following attempts by Volodymyr Landik, Party of the Regions MP to get criminal proceedings initiated against LB journalists

Press Freedom: An Own Goal for Ukraine

03.07.12 | www.wan-ifra.org
A report entitled "Make freedom of expression a reality, Mr President" outlines the findings of a research mission in April that found serious corruption issues and other problems and recommends steps to improve freedom of expression in the country.

Proposed laws discriminate against LGBTI people and violate children’s rights

02.07.12 | www.amnesty.org
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are calling on the Verkhovna Rada to reject two draft laws which would directly contravene Ukraine’s obligations to protect the right to non-discrimination, including on the ground of sexual orientation and other rights