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Prava Ludyny

Comments and suggestions on the draft laws aimed at reforming the passport system in Ukraine (Draft Laws ¹ 7384, ¹7384-1, ¹7384-2

08.02.06 | Ruslan Topolevsky
This expert analysis of three present draft laws highlights the issues which still need to be resolved in establishing a modern passport system and the dangers to personal freedom which need to be borne in mind.

Who’s living in my telly?

07.02.06 | Viacheslav Yakubenko
Information about who is behind leading television and radio companies in Ukraine, and insight into the disturbing limitations of present legal safeguards of access to information.

Journalists protest against persecution of their colleague

Investigative journalists, headed by Chief Editor Igor Kanevskiy, are leaving the newspaper “Biznes” in protest at the persecution of their colleague Oleksandr Dranikov. A new media-project will be created in Ukraine, which will specialize in investigative journalism.

Another likely case of pressure on journalists

The Deputy Chief Editor of the newspaper “Ogni Severodonetska” ended up in hospital after a visit from a "police officer"

The authorities of the Zakarpatska region try to take over the control of the only all-Ukrainian Hungarian-language newspaper “Karpati igaz so”

After the revolutionary events in Ukraine and in the Zakarpatska region, new authorities, in particular new head of the regional state administration Viktor Baloga, decided to take over the control of the independent Hungarian-language press, which dared to elucidate the events in the light negative for state officials

Press Release: How the public assess the level of freedom of speech in the mass media of the Chernihiv region

The results of a survey carried out by the Chernihiv City Department of the all-Ukrainian public organization “Voters’ committee of Ukraine”.

Information about an attack on a Luhansk journalist has been passed to the prosecutor’s office

Documentation relating to the illegal search of the building and to the infliction of bodily injuries on a journalist of the newspaper “Luganchane” by tax police officers of the Kharkiv region has been passed to the Luhansk regional prosecutor’s office.

Attack on Luhansk journalist by Kharkiv tax police officers

On 28 July 2005 men with machine guns accompanied by some people in civilian clothes identifying themselves as officers of the Kharkiv regional tax militia stormed an office situated on the Oboronnaya street. They conducted an illegal search of the office and inflicted bodily injuries on a young employee of the newspaper “Luganchane”.

Open letter from Kherson journalists

When some journalists tried to establish how a private shop could have been destroyed in broad daylight in the historical center of Kherson without the police taking any measures, those involved in the devastation were physically violent and grabbed their video recorders and dictaphones.

Authoritarian control of the Internet

11.09.05 | Sergey Vorobyov
We have already obtained the data on the program of control of the Russian segment of the Internet-space by special services. Yet, now we have the information about the attempts of creation of such program on the scale of the entire CIS!

Censorship returns?

09.09.05 | maidan.org.ua
Head of the district council repeatedly demanded from the editor of “Visti Vodolazhchiny” to agree with her the publications, which were prepared for printing in this newspaper, and expressed the ungrounded claims concerning the professional activities of the editor of the newspaper

Situation with mass media has improved

Sergey Taran, the director of the Institute of mass information, told that on 6 June at the press conference presenting the results of monitoring of observance of the freedom of speech in Ukraine. The IMI also points out the new tendency, when journalists and mass media win the cases against them

Ukrainian mass media still preserve the features of authoritarian press

17.08.05 | Olena Holiuk, RUPOR
Summarizing results of interaction of mass media and the new government during the first hundred days, media experts point out some improvement of standards of journalistic activities, but the situation with the freedom of speech remains far from ideal.

Open letter of the Association of media-lawyers of the Lviv region

The statement that the problem of freedom of speech in Ukraine is solved, is, to put it mildly, an exaggeration. This especially concerns the regions, where local power organs still want to control mass media and influence editorial policy, thus exerting pressure on mass media. Unfortunately, such forms of “cooperation” with mass media are practiced in Lviv even after the Orange Revolution.

Feodosia newspaper «Kafa» defended in court the right for the freedom of speech

10.06.05 | www.imi.org.ua
On 31 March the Feodosia newspaper “Kafa” won the trial connected with the demand of a private person to refute the information published in the newspaper. The claim was not satisfied, since the information had been obtained from a state official at the time of fulfillment of his service duty.

Ukrainian legislation impedes the development of informational society

“Legal indeterminateness in the sphere of public relations and information-communicative technologies, inconsistency between the Ukrainian normative-legal base and the European legislation results in the system obstacles on the way of development of the informational society”.

European court of human rights pronounced the guilty verdict to Ukraine for violation of the freedom of speech

The company “Ukrainska press-Grupa”, which owns the newspaper “Day”, turned to the European court of human rights with the appeal against the decisions of Ukrainian judges in the case on the protection of honor and dignity of Natalya Vitrenko and Petro Simonenko. The European Court acknowledged Ukraine to be guilty of violation of Article 10 of the Convention of human rights

Militia vs. human rights protectors

10.03.05 | Olena Goliuk, RUPOR | www.rupor.org
The Kherson Regional Department of the Ministry of Interior brought a suit against Alla Tiutiunnik, the head of the Kherson regional fund of charity and health and a member of the board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights, and against the social-political independent weekly “Vgoru”, published by human rights protectors, on the protection of business reputation, refutation of untrue information and compensation of moral damage

Repressions in Lugansk continue

26.02.05 | Nikolay Kozyrev, Lugansk
Road militia seized the run of the newspaper “Tvoy vybor”. Human rights protectors regard this confiscation as an act of political censorship.

Appeal of the Kharkov group for human rights protection

The appeal to President Leonid Kuchma in the connection with the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On introduction of changes into some legislative acts of Ukraine”. The human rights protectors believe that this law endangers the right for information, groundlessly restricts the freedom of expression and contradicts the interests of the society and the Ukrainian state as a whole.