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today 20.04.2014 11:13
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Prava Ludyny

Cabinet of Ministers sets to dissolving Morality Commission

The Cabinet of Ministers is proposing to remove from the current Law on the Protection of Public Morality the provision regarding the status and principles for the work of the National Expert Commission on the Protection of Public Morality

State-owned UTV-1 refuses to broadcast opposition forum even for a fee

13.05.12 | www.imi.org.ua
The management of the State-owned yet increasingly pro-current regime First National TV Channel [UTV-1] refused to broadcast the forum of the united opposition held on 12 May.

Gongadze lawyer: Pukach ordered surveillance documents destroyed

This was apparently stated on Monday by a former employee of the relevant police department during the latest hearing into the case, all of which are being held behind closed doors

No end to lies and subterfuge over Gongadze’s murder

In the still secret trial of former police general, Oleksy Pukach, the prosecution of refusing to call witnesses who could shed light on the motives for Gongadze’s murder in September 200 and the identity of those who ordered the killing

Raiders’ State

06.05.12 | Mykola Riabchuk | ukraineanalysis.wordpress.com
On the plight of Vsesvit and other victims of raiding in Ukraine and on the real reason why those in power who think money can buy them a well-laundered reputation are profoundly mistaken

Ukraine back to confrontation between press and authorities

03.05.12 | www.imi.org.ua
The country is once again returning to confrontation mode between the media and authorities, with the main infringers of journalists’ rights most often the police and enforcement bodies. At the same time news programmes avoid mentioning protests and many other subjects.

10 Most Censored Countries include Uzbekistan and Belarus

03.05.12 | cpj.org
The Committee to Protect Journalists 10 Most Censored Countries, released to mark World Press Freedom Day, May 3, finds that the worst offenders are Eritrea, North Korea, Syria and Iran

A journalist killed every five days, six new “predators” brings total to 41

03.05.12 | en.rsf.org
On World Press Freedom Day 2012, Reporters Without Borders condemned the furious pace of physical attacks on news providers and reported that a total of 21 journalists, and 6 netizens and citizen journalists had been killed since the start of 2012

Ukraine «dangerously close to “Not Free””

According to Freedom House analyst, Sylvana Habdank-Kołaczkowska Ukraine began slipping last year and is continuing to move dangerously close to the category of Not Free. She was commenting on Ukraine’s fall by 9 points in this year’s Freedom of the Press Report

Vsevsit Publishing Company names “buy out” unlawful

The Prosecutor has started a check into the sale of the premises of the Vsesvit Publishing Company which had a visitation from unidentified individuals on Thursday which led to the 83-year-old Editor ending up in hospital

Renowned Publishing Company Vsesvit the latest victim of lawless raids

The Ukrainian Section of the International PEN-Club denounces the raid of the offices of the literary journal Vsesvit in what would seem to be the latest ugly use of criminal methods and brute force, resulting in the journal’s 83-year-old Chief Editor needing hospitalization

Pukach changes testimony in Gongadze murder trial

25.04.12 | www.bbc.co.uk
Former Police General Oleksy Pukach who is charged over the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze in September 2000 is claiming to the court that “he was saving Ukraine from a dangerous spy who was threatening Ukraine’s statehood”.

March saw increase in seemingly commissioned news on TV

Monitoring regularly carried out by Telekritika shows an increase in March in the overall amount of material with bias, failure to separate fact from opinion, or important socio-political issues muffled as compared with February.

Removal of satirical material about Yanukovych family confirmed, censorship denied

22.04.12 | teleprostir.com
Studio Kvartal-95 has confirmed that an issue of “Vechirny Kvartal” from 7 April in which President Yanukovych’s family was mocked did not come out in print, nor was the television version broadcast on Inter. It claims, however, that this was “dictated by conditions of the editing process”

Platini’s Shame: Calls from Germany for Tymoshenko’s release before Euro 2012

Germany’s Human Rights Ombudsperson Markus Lönung has railed the Head of UEFA for taking no action over the Tymoshenko case as the former Prime Minister and opposition leader is returned to prison

Teachers forced on anti-Tymoshenko rally on pain of dismissal

19.04.12 | glavnoe.ua
The first day of hearings took place on Thursday into the new charges against former Prime Minister and opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko, who was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment over the 2009 gas accords with Russia

Tax Administration claims checks of TVi are at request of police investigator

The State Tax Administration has posted a statement confirming that an unscheduled check is indeed being carried out of TVi. It asserts that the check is at the “lawful and mandatory demand of an investigator from the Kyiv Police Department

TVi accuses tax authorities of pressure

The General Director of TVi, Mykola Knyazhytsky has stated that his channel is facing pressure from the tax authorities and has called on the Interior Ministry and the Tax Service to deal with the situation.

Court sends case over “anti-Yanukovych graffiti” back to police

On 11 April young protesters gathered outside a Donetsk court to protest against the administrative proceedings against 3 young men who pasted posters of President Yanukovych with the lines (changed from a song): “I don’t know another country whose President is a former prisoner”

Interior Ministry finds no infringement in physical violence against Channel 5 journalist

Azad Safarov from TV Channel 5 lodged a complaint after Zeva elbowed him in the face and then pushed his hand with the microphone away several times very roughly when the journalist tried to find out his name and position