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Prava Ludyny

Cherkasy: Censorship returns

31.07.12 | www.cvu.org.ua
Larisa Yefremova, new Director General of the Cherkasy regional TV and Radio Broadcaster “Ros”, is accused of having returned this State-owned media source to days long-forgotten when all that was reported was decided in one office

Tax Police backtrack over Lutsk broadcaster Avers

The State Tax Administration Volyn Regional Office have promised to punish those responsible for initiating a tax investigation into the Lutsk TV and Radio broadcaster “Avers”.

Civic Solidarity Platform on political control of the media in Ukraine

Members of the Civic Solidarity Platform urge the Council of Europe, EU institutions and member states and the OSCE to immediately call upon the Ukrainian authorities to put an end to restrictions on freedom of expression and the on-going political interference with the media in Ukraine.

Criminal prosecution of TVi Director stopped

The widely condemned criminal proceedings initiated by the tax police against Mykola Knyazytsky, Director of the independent television channel TVi have been dropped.

Ban on pre-election checks of media further flouted, this time in Lutsk

The Lutsk TV and Radio broadcaster “Avers” has received an unscheduled visitation from the tax police. The Chief Editor, Natalya Moskovka says that when they mentioned the current moratorium on such checks the tax police said that it was the first time they were hearing of it.

Freedom of speech issues in the Crimea coming to the fore

Volodymyr Prytula reports that on 24 July the Editor and members of the editorial board of the Simferopo newspaper “Rayonnaya Pravda” stated that they were experiencing pressure from the local authorities

Gongadze case: Pukach trial postponed till autumn

The next hearing in the trial of the former Police General Oleksy Pukach accused in connection with the murder of Georgy Gongadze in 2000 is scheduled for 4 September.

EurActiv: Yanukovich accused of gagging Ukrainian media ahead of poll

27.07.12 | www.euractiv.com
Four months ahead of a crucial parliamentary election, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has moved to shut down two independent news organisations, including Lb.ua, a reputable online news website.

US Statement on Prosecutions of Independent Media in Ukraine

The United States is concerned that the Government of Ukraine is curtailing freedom of media representatives in advance of the October parliamentary elections

Criminalization of libel a dangerous step backwards

26.07.12 | www.imi.org.ua
Victoria Syumar, Director of the Institute for Mass Information believes that the latest initiative to re-introduce criminal liability for defamation and circulating false information is yet another assault on freedom of speech by the Party of the Regions

IFJ and EFJ Demand End to Pressure on Journalists in Ukraine

26.07.12 | www.ifj.org
The International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists have demanded that the Ukraine President put end to the prosecution of online newspaper LB.ua and channel TVi that were started this month.

New attempt to criminalize libel

The Party of the Regions is proposing to reinstate criminal liability for defamatory information. As Kommersant-Ukraine puts it, for a blow to the Party of the Regions’ reputation, they propose punishment not only in the form of fines, but also imprisonment for up to five years.

Broadcasting Council denies role in removal of TVi from Triolan network

The National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council has cited the scope of providers’ economic activities although it previously imposed penalties for arbitrary changes to the list of channels.

Freedom of speech in Ukraine: journalists are forced to keep silent

25.07.12 | dif.org.ua
The actions of those in power regarding criminal prosecutions against Left Bank [LB.ua] and TVi show that they don’t need independent media, particularly with the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Whose money is the government using to advertise itself?

Iryna Chupivska and Viktoria Syumar from the Institute for Mass Information write that the elections are already underway, as can be seen by widespread bribery of voters through various gifts and “social initiatives”, as well as in the covert advertising in the media

Setbacks to media freedom in run-up to elections

24.07.12 | en.rsf.org
With just over than three months to go to parliamentary elections on 28 October, Reporters Without Borders is alarmed by the steady decline in media freedom in Ukraine and deplores a series of incidents during the past six weeks

TVi removed from cable networks in 11 cities

The independent TV channel TVi which has been subjected to serious Tax Administration checks and whose Director is facing charges of “tax evasion”, has been switched off in 11 cities. The Kyiv operators say that this is in connection with repairs to equipment.

Ukraine: The authorities should stop harassing independent television channel TVi

Reporters without Borders, Freedom House, Article 19 and the Open Society Foundation have issued a statement expressing strong concern over the pressure on one of the last remaining independent TV channels and its Director, Mykola Knyazytsky

Front Line Defenders on the measures against TVi and Mykola Knyazhytsky

Front Line Defenders is seriously concerned about the restrictive measures being taken against Mikola Knyazhitski and TVi, and believes that they are solely motivated by the attempts of TVi to provide the Ukrainian public with an independent source of news on human rights and other issues.

Journalists come out in force in support of TVi and LB.ua

A large number of journalists gathered in protest and solidarity with beleaguered colleagues from the independent TV channel TVi and the Internet Internet publication Levy Bereg [LB.ua] on Thursday and refused to be driven away first by a fictictious bomb scare, then by an all-purpose court ban