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today 25.01.2015 12:11
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Prava Ludyny

Mustafa Nayem: Regions Party deputy tries to pay off a journalist

Ô week after security guards of one of the delegates to the Party of the Regions Congress assaulted Mustafa Nayem , the well-known journalist reminds the Prosecutor of his formal complaint and asks deputies to abandon idiotic attempts to pay him off

More peaceful protesters detained, this time in Simferopol

The police in Simferopol have detained two activists for handing out leaflets explaining why they believe that voters should not vote for the local Party of the Regions candidate

Melnychenko, whose tapes implicate Kuchma over Gongadze murder, detained in Italy

News of Mykola Melnychenko’s detention comes just over a month after the High Specialized Court for Civil and Criminal Cases upheld the withdrawal of criminal charges against former President Kuchma over Georgy Gongadze’s murder

Criminal investigation against LB.ua terminated

The Prosecutor’s Office says that the case was terminated because of the inconsistent position of the claimant who has on a number of occasions made conflicting statements to the press

“Why you shouldn’t vote for Party of the Regions” leaflet riles police

On 2 August six people were detained in the Mykolaiv oblast for sticking up leaflets against the ruling Party of the Regions

The Landik vs. LB.ua case

Two representatives of Reporters without Borders consider whether the conflict between Party of the Regions MP Volodymyr Landik and the Internet publication Levy Bereg [LB.ua] is over divulging of personal information.

Police name main “murder suspect” over Vasyl Klymentyev case

It is as yet difficult to see what has changed since March 2011, but according to a senior official in the Ministry of the Interior, investigators believe they have solved the disappearance – and murder – of Kharkvi journalist Vasyl Klymentyev

RWB concerned by dangerous draft law seeking to criminalize defamation

03.08.12 | en.rsf.org
Reporters Without Borders urges Ukraine’s parliamentarians to abandon this bill, which it considers repressive, punitive and counter-productive.

Attempt to prosecute journalist for anti-language law graffiti at Mezhyhirya

Well-known journalists Natalya Sokolenko and Tetyana Chornovil were detained early Wednesday morning outside President Yanukovych’s residence at Mezhyhirya

Mykola Knyazhytsky: Criminal investigation has not been terminated

The Director General of TVi says that he has not received any notification that the criminal proceedings against him have been terminated and the documents removed have not been returned

Prosecutor refutes MP Landik’s version of conflict with LB.ua

Viktor Zanfirov, Deputy Prosecutor General has confirmed that the main reason for criminal proceedings against the independent Internet publication Levy Bereg (LB.ua) was the statement from Party of the Regions MP Volodymyr Landik. Nor, he indicates, was this withdrawn

Disturbing reports of detentions and beating outside Party of the Regions Congress

On Monday evening four people standing near where the Party of the Regions Congress is taking place were detained by police. Later a lawyer who came to the police station and tried to get an ambulance called for one of the detained, a young woman, was set upon by police

Journalist assaulted by Regions Party delegate’s guard

On Monday security guards of one of the delegates to the Party of the Regions Congress assaulted well-known Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mustafa Nayem.

Cherkasy: Censorship returns

31.07.12 | www.cvu.org.ua
Larisa Yefremova, new Director General of the Cherkasy regional TV and Radio Broadcaster “Ros”, is accused of having returned this State-owned media source to days long-forgotten when all that was reported was decided in one office

Tax Police backtrack over Lutsk broadcaster Avers

The State Tax Administration Volyn Regional Office have promised to punish those responsible for initiating a tax investigation into the Lutsk TV and Radio broadcaster “Avers”.

Civic Solidarity Platform on political control of the media in Ukraine

Members of the Civic Solidarity Platform urge the Council of Europe, EU institutions and member states and the OSCE to immediately call upon the Ukrainian authorities to put an end to restrictions on freedom of expression and the on-going political interference with the media in Ukraine.

Criminal prosecution of TVi Director stopped

The widely condemned criminal proceedings initiated by the tax police against Mykola Knyazytsky, Director of the independent television channel TVi have been dropped.

Ban on pre-election checks of media further flouted, this time in Lutsk

The Lutsk TV and Radio broadcaster “Avers” has received an unscheduled visitation from the tax police. The Chief Editor, Natalya Moskovka says that when they mentioned the current moratorium on such checks the tax police said that it was the first time they were hearing of it.

Freedom of speech issues in the Crimea coming to the fore

Volodymyr Prytula reports that on 24 July the Editor and members of the editorial board of the Simferopo newspaper “Rayonnaya Pravda” stated that they were experiencing pressure from the local authorities

Gongadze case: Pukach trial postponed till autumn

The next hearing in the trial of the former Police General Oleksy Pukach accused in connection with the murder of Georgy Gongadze in 2000 is scheduled for 4 September.