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today 27.03.2015 21:03
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Prava Ludyny

Party of the Regions sues newspaper over administrative resource allegations

The lawyer for the website Grechka says that he is baffled as to why an economic court should be hearing this case, and why a suit so full of mistakes was accepted

TVi demands that the Prosecutor take measures against Triolan

The beleaguered independent TV channel TVi has carried out its own investigation into the activities of the cable provider Triolan and has passed the information on to the Prosecutor

Tetyana Chornovol detained after entering Mezhyhirya

On 24 August well-known journalist and parliamentary candidate Tetyana Chornovol got inside the vast estate of Mezhyhirya, President Yanukovych’s residence, after which contact was lost.

Owner of billboards critical of the government fined

The Dniprodzerzhynsk City Council has cancelled the permit issued for external advertising to the owner of the poster where an elderly lady says she decided to leave everything to her cat when her grandson voted for the Party of the Regions and others

State-run UTV-1 breaks all records for commissioned reporting

Telekritika’s regular monitoring of news programmes of national television channels has found that in the first week of July the State-owned First National TV Channel [UTV-1] earned an ignominious first with 51 news items which bore the hallmarks of commissioned reporting.

TVi accuses Broadcasting Council over removal from cable networks

16.08.12 | www.tvi.ua
TVi has been removed from air in both Donetsk and Mariupol, with this coming after the actions of the provider Triolan which deprived some 200 thousand viewers in 11 cities of access to the independent TV channel

Government must condemn killing of Volodymyr Honcharenko as crime against free expression

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Ukrainian government to publicly condemn the killing of environmental information activist, Volodymyr Honcharenko as a crime against free speech and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice via an independent and transparent process

Access denied to independent TVi in Donetsk

The cable TV operator DonStatTV has announced, following others, that it is stopping broadcasting programmes of the independent TV channel TVi in its networks.

Italian court finds no grounds for Melnychenko’s extradition

Former Presidential guard Mykola Melnychenko has been released from a Naples prison where he was being held following an extradition request from Ukraine

“You Have the Right to Know” website forced out of Ukraine

The host company has broken its contract with the website “You Have the Right to Know” claiming that this is a political party or movement, effectively because it writes about politics. The website, in order to ensure the safety of its data, is being forced out of Ukraine.

Knyazhytsky invites regional channels to broadcast beleaguered TVi material for free

14.08.12 | www.facebook.com
As reported, following questionable moves by the provider Triolan which came close on the heels of an attempt to bring charges of tax evasion against TVi’s Director, at very least 200 thousand Ukrainian viewers have been deprived of access to the chann

Broadcasting Council keeps out of “conflict” between TVi and Triolan

The Council claims that it cannot “interfere” in the election period although it was precisely on the eve of the election period that around 200 thousand viewers were deprived of access to virtually the last remaining independent TV channel.

Legislative media threats during election campaign

According to member of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech, Andriy Shevchenko a number of articles of the Law on the Parliamentary Elections are equivocal and can be interpreted in different ways. This creates certain risks for the media.

Police refuse to initiate criminal case over assault of journalist

Two weeks after security guards of one of the delegates to the Party of the Regions Congress assaulted well-known journalist Mustafa Nayem, the police have refused to initiate a criminal investigation.

Court bans issue of Kyiv Pravda newspaper

The Editor last year published materia showing a scam by the authorities over the opening of a prenatal centre. aAfter that the newspaper stopped getting public funding and now it has been stopped from publishing

Crimean courts find against civic activists

Simferopol and Sevastopol courts found two young activists of the campaign “Revenge for Dividing Ukraine” guilty under electoral legislation, although the Party of the Regions is continuing to break the law by advertising without registration

Melnychenko says he faces danger if returned to Ukraine

The court in Naples must now decide whether it is possible to extradite Melnychenko who now faces charges over the tapes which implicated Kuchma, Lytvyn and others in the murder of Gongadze

Mustafa Nayem: Regions Party deputy tries to pay off a journalist

Ô week after security guards of one of the delegates to the Party of the Regions Congress assaulted Mustafa Nayem , the well-known journalist reminds the Prosecutor of his formal complaint and asks deputies to abandon idiotic attempts to pay him off

More peaceful protesters detained, this time in Simferopol

The police in Simferopol have detained two activists for handing out leaflets explaining why they believe that voters should not vote for the local Party of the Regions candidate

Melnychenko, whose tapes implicate Kuchma over Gongadze murder, detained in Italy

News of Mykola Melnychenko’s detention comes just over a month after the High Specialized Court for Civil and Criminal Cases upheld the withdrawal of criminal charges against former President Kuchma over Georgy Gongadze’s murder