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Prava Ludyny

Are journalists protected in Donetsk?

04.09.06 | Viktor Bezpalko, Angelika Isidina | www.telekritika.kiev.ua
Journalist from the Internet publication “Ura-Inform” Kyrill Sazanov was sacked after appearing live on TV Channel 5. Journalists from Donetsk have rallied in his defence. A cheering sign in a region where the press has only recognized political solidarity up till now

When Kalashnikov attacked Channel STB employees, the police did nothing

The Central Department of the MIA did not find that its officers acted in violation of their official duties during the assault by a member of the Party of the Regions, Oleh Kalashnikov on a filming crew of Television Channel STB

“TV Channel 5” refused permission to broadcast Yanukovych live

11.08.06 | www.5tv.com.ua
Channel 5 calls on the Prime Minister’s spokesperson to explain the reason for this regrettable incident and the grounds on which the channel was stopped from broadcasting the Prime Minister’s press conference

Ukrainian journalist wins his case in Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights found Ukraine guilty of having violated Mr Lyashko’s right to freedom of speech

The Internet – the first steps to checking your sources of information

Part of a seminar prepared by the Institute of Mass Information for journalists investigating stories, this information should be of interest to others as well

The Prosecutor General and Ministry of Internal Affairs will look into pressure on journalists

The Ukrainian National Union of Journalists has suggested measures for analyzing all kinds of pressure brought to bear on journalists and jointly finding ways to combat them

Censorship in a free country

06.08.06 | www.imi.org.ua
Thoughts prompted by the new film from Kyiv journalist and film director, Ihor Chaika, entitled “Solo for the media”. The film probes the situation in the Ukrainian mass media during the period from the presidential elections of 2004 to the parliamentary elections in 2006

They don’t need to love us. They need to beware of us.

05.08.06 | Natalya Ligachova | www.telekritika.kiev.ua
The author warns of the dangers of complacency or of losing vigilence when censorship takes on a "softer" appearance, and calls on her fellow journalists to be firm and united in upholiding journalist standards and press freedom

Russian court upholds warning issued to the internet site “Gazeta.ru”

03.08.06 | www.imi.org.ua
The warning was over the publication of the cartoons from a Danish newspaper which was deemed by the appropriate state body in Russia to breach the law against terrorism

“And this one was taking photographs”

01.08.06 | Maria Zadornova | www.pravda.com.ua
More about the arrest of Ukrainian journalist, Maxim Butkevych, during the recent G8 Summit in St. Petersburg

How not to treat the mass media in Ukraine

24.07.06 | Halya Coynash
The instantaneous reaction of the media and Ukrainian society to the recent attack on journalists would suggest that certain political factions who assume carte blanche is restored would be well advised to think again

Media Trade Union initiates public debate over attacks on journalists

22.07.06 | www.imi.org.ua
Following another statement from a Party of the Regions politician, the Media Trade Union warns that such antagonism is fuelling a dangerous attitude towards journalists and points out that in the last month there have been 5 attacks on representatives of the media involving party activists

Maxim Butkevych: The judge’s ruling for some reason states that I expressed remorse

20.07.06 | Maryana Pyetsukh | www.umoloda.kiev.ua
The journalist stresses he can feel no remorse for haivng simply photographed a peaceful protest action, and describes gratuitous aggression from the Russian riot police

Media Trade Union suggests that STB should not be satisfied with an apology from Kalashnikov, but should demand compensation

20.07.06 | www.imi.org.ua
The Media Trade Union considers attacks on journalists performing their professional duties to be a crime against society.

STB journalists say that their conflict with the Party of the Regions is over and thank all their colleagues

20.07.06 | www.imi.org.ua
The TV Channel expressed their gratitude to the Ukrainian journalists, representatives of the mass media of other countries and civic organizations which had been unanimous in upholding freedom of speech, and called this one of the clearest expressions of journalist and public solidarity over recent times.

“1 + 1” journalist Maxim Butkevych released in St. Petersburg

19.07.06 | www.imi.org.ua
The journalist is emphatic that he was arrested purely because he had a video camera in his hand

Media Trade Union calls on journalists to give wide coverage of the detention of Ukrainian journalists in St. Petersburg

17.07.06 | www.imi.org.ua
Ukrainian journalists call upon their colleagues both in Russia and in other countries to give the widest coverage to this arrest of a journalist carrying out his work, and to the violations involved in the detention of peaceful protesters in St Petersburg

Television Journalist from “1+1”, Maxim Butkevych detained in St. Petersburg

16.07.06 | Yevhen Zakharov
The journalist was arrested in St. Petersburg while filming the rough tactics of Russian police officers breaking up an anti-G8 protest. Not only was he arrested while carrying out his professional duties, but he has been denied access to a lawyer