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today 21.12.2014 17:45
(by Kyiv time)


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Prava Ludyny

Armed militants carry out attacks on Donetsk media (updated)

Militants armed with machine guns have burst into the offices of the newspapers Donbas and Vecherny Donbas, abducted the chief editors and are preventing the staff from working

Militants ‘purge’ Internet in Severodonetsk

Alexei Svyetikov, head of the Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] and editor of the Internet site ‘Today in Severodonetsk’ has been driven into exile.

Journalists’ rights most infringed in Crimea and Donetsk region

Monitoring carried out by the Institute for Mass Information from May 17 to 23 found the largest number of infringements under the category ‘physical aggression’, with 18 cases recorded

Osman Pashaev leaves Crimea

The founder of the Crimean Internet channel CrimeanOpenCh has left the Crimea following his abduction by so-called ‘self-defence’ vigilantes who subjected him to beating over four hours then handed him over to the FSB and section for fighting ‘extremism’.

Crimean Tatar journalist detained after remembrance gathering in Simferopol (updated)

Media reports say that Osman Pashaev, founder of the Crimean Internet channel CrimeanOpenCh, and other journalists detained after the remembrance meeting in Simferopol have been released,

Ukrainian film producer facing Russian ‘terrorism’ charges

Filmmakers have come out in defence of Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian film producer and EuroMaidan activist who, as reported, was arrested in Simferopol on May 11 and is understood to be accused of .planning a terrorist act’.

Luhansk Internet stie suspends work after threats to journalists

The website of the newspaper My City Severodonetsk in the Luhansk oblast has received information regarding planned abductions of its journalists. For obvious reasons given recent events it is taking the threat very seriously

Odessa journalist beaten, his flat set alight for anti-Putin stand

Kotovsk [Odessa oblast] journalist and blogger Oleksandr Yaroshenko [who writes under the pseudonym Serhiy Levitanenko] has come under attack before but this time the assailants meant business.

Russian FSB detains Ukrainian film producer in Simferopol

Ukraine’s National Union of Cinematographers has reported that in the early hours of May 11 Russia’s Federal Security Service detained Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian film producer and EuroMaidan activist

Pro-Russian activists attack journalists in Kharkiv

Two Radio Svoboda journalists filming the protest near the Kharkiv regional administration building were set upon and beaten by pro-Russian activists on Thursday. Although the police intervened to protect them, nobody was detained

Pro-Russian thugs beat up Ukrainian unity demonstrators – except on Russian TV

29.04.14 | Halya Coynash
Ukrainian and western media sources are unanimous in reporting that “pro-Russian separatists attacked a rally in support of Ukrainian unity” in Donetsk on Monday and seriously injured a number of the rally participants. The pro-Kremlin channel Life News presents an entirely different story

Russian authorities block Ukrainian “nationalist” sites

Access to at less 10 Siberian websites has been blocked because, it is claimed, “Ukrainian nationalists have called for mass protest actions in Russia” - something which in a democratic country is not illegal

Armed men cut off Ukrainian channels in Donbas

UNIAN’s sources say that this was not the work of local specialists, and that the armed men brought non-Ukrainian specialists and special equipment for receiving Russian TV channels

US journalist released, others still held hostage in Slovyansk

Simon Ostrovsky, the US Vice News correspondent held hostage by pro-Russian militants in Slovyansk, has been released. The whereabouts of Serhiy Lefter, Artem Deineha, Yevhen Halych and his brother are still unknown

Two journalists still held captive by Slovyansk militants

Irma Krat and Serhiy Lefter are still being held by the armed militants in Slovyansk. Three foreign journalists, two Italian, and one Belarussian who were filming in the city had their papers, equipment and money taken away when seized on Monday morning, but they were later released

Journalist abducted during siege of Horlivka

On April 14 “pro-Russian activists” in masks burst into the office of the Internet publication Gorlovka.ua and took its editor, Oleksandr Belinsky away. He was later returned and is unhurt.

Lithuania blocks Russian channels for “military propaganda”

A Lithuanian court has suspended transmission of the Russian TV channel NTV Mir [NTV World] for three months and there are plans to also remove the channels Rossiya and ORT [First Channel] over reporting on Ukraine and lies about the Vilnius events of 1991

Ukrainian newspaper under threat in Crimea

Members of Crimea’s Ukrainian community are calling on Kyiv to support the newspaper Krymska Svitlytsa. They fear that the Ukrainian-language newspaper may cease publication now that the Crimea has been annexed by Russia.

Rinat Akhmetov goes for media criticizing his failure to counter separatists

27.03.14 | Halya Coynash
The billionaire’s US lawyers have approached Espresso.tv’s provider, and not the channel itself, and demanded the withdrawal of an article which accuses Akhmetov of treason for not using his enormous power in Donetsk to stem the separatist disturbances

Annexed Crimea moves to crush independent media

The website E-Crimea reports that the "State Council of the Crimea", as the self-proclaimed government is apparently calling itself, has announced its intention to close media which receive grants from other countries.