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today 25.09.2016 06:41
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Prava Ludyny

Freedom of Speech rating also slumps

The international NGO Reporters without Borders reports that Ukraine which is holding the Chair of the OSCE at present saw a significant increase in violence against journalists in 2012.

Bizarre but true: Police suit against journalist

30.01.13 | imi.org.ua
The Head of the Dniprovsk District Police Station is demanding 100 thousand UAH in moral compensation from the Editor of the Khersonska Pravda Internet site over the publication of a news item which mentions neither the claimant nor his police station

Startling defamation win over slur on Hundai trains

A court has apparently awarded Southern Railways 120 thousand UAH in compensation for the words that “Hundai” trains won’t run well. The ruling comes at a time when over 400 passengers have already lodged law suits seeking compensation for disrupted travel on ... Hundai trains

Journalist sued for revealing deputy’s criminal record

Vasyl Stroyich, a Party of the Regions deputy from the Kosiv District Council has lodged a defamation suit against Ruslan Kotsaba for posting a scanned document apparently of a sentence passed on the deputy

Bizarre attempt to cower Crimean journalists

The Crimea’s First Deputy Prime Minister believes that the address of the hostel which he is registered at (thus depriving others of badly needed accommodation) while in fact living elsewhere (doubtless in quite different conditions) is “confidential” information …

Intimidation and Black PR: Government employed hackers?

18.01.13 | www.dw.de
Opposition politicians and journalists are increasingly being bugged having their email addresses hacked. The victims are convinced that this is intimidation on the order of those in high places

Criminal investigation over threats to Kerch journalist

On 10 January Iryna Sedova, Editor of the publication received threats and personal insults from 29 different accounts on the social network VKontakte

Strasbourg to judge on imprisonment for cutting Yanukovych’s name off a wreath

65-year-old Halyna Shvydka was jailed for 10 days after she cut the President’s name off a wreath to the poet Taras Shevchenko.

Activists jailed for anti-Yanukovych graffiti

The “Black Committee” says that four of its activists have been sentenced to 1-2 years imprisonment over the posters pasted up in Lviv in June 2011 with President Yanukovych with a gunshot to the head

Kharkiv journalist reports threats

Zhanna Tytarenko asserts that all of this began after material was published about the activities of police officers investigating the disappearance of young men allegedly killed in road accidents

Bugged journalist’s newspaper wants international analysis

Two days after a listening device was found in the home of Taras Zozulinsky who has exposed corrupt dealings linked with both Yanukovych and Azarov, the Express newspaper has stated it is suspending any cooperation with the police

Prosecutor General quashes indictment against Melnychenko

Not unexpectedly, the Prosecutor General’s Office has intervened and revoked the indictment for alleged divulgence of state secrets in the criminal case against former Kuchma Guard Mykola Melnychenko and "sent it for further examination"

Express investigative journalist’s flat bugged

Taras Zozulinsky, investigative journalist for the newspaper Express is convinced that the bug is because of his journalist investigations and asks journalists to give maximum attention to the criminal investigation

Watch your words!

28.12.12 | Halya Coynash
If a defamation suit presently underway is successful, it could be a precedent of grandiose proportions with ramifications not only for journalists, but for all those political analysts intrepid enough to voice an opinion about political influences in the new government.

Freedom of Speech in Ukraine – 2012

The civic movement Stop Censorship and a number of prominent media organizations have reported that 2012 was the worst year in the last decade for violations of journalists’ rights.

Berlin Phantom Newspaper in the campaign against Tymoshenko

27.12.12 | www.dw.de
The “newspaper” whose article hammering the imprisoned former Prime Minister and opposition leader was first cited by the State-owned UKRINFORM does not, in fact, exist

SBU draws up indictment against ex-Kuchma guard Melnychenko

With Kuchma unable to be prosecuted following a Constitutional Court judgement because the Melnychenko tapes are deemed inadmissible, Melnychenko himself is charged with divulging state secrets ….

More “western experts” used for propaganda purposes

The “authoritative” western firm which supposedly called the Head of Ukraine’s National Bank Serhiy Arbuzov “the most effective banker in Eastern Europe” would appear to have gone into hiding and are not answering their phone

Chornobyl Exclusion Zone – No money, no pay

Chornobyl workers are not being paid, while the enterprises within the Exclusion Zone are not getting all the money needed for basic needs. The need for proper funding at this, of all sites, needs no explanation

Defamation suit against Committee of Voters representative

KHPG will be following the defamation suit brought by Party of the Regions MP Yuliy Ioffe against Oleksy Svyetikov and expresses concern at the possible return of unacceptable efforts to curb freedom of expression.