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today 28.04.2015 14:49
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Prava Ludyny

Crimean Parliament partially meets the demands of local journalists

08.12.06 | www.5tv.com.ua
It has agreed to allow journalists to receive information from different departments, not only from the press centre Other issues allegedly violating legislation in the new rules for media accreditation will be considered by the prosecutor’s office

Journalists boycott Crimean Parliament

Around 50 members of the mass media walked out of Parliament in protest at new rules on media accreditation which introduce a permission system for some forms of media coverage and which they believe to be in contravention of Ukrainian legislation

“Vechirny Kyiv” [“Evening Kyiv”] may be at threat of closure over the conflict with Chernovetsky

Instead of the promised agreements on editorial policy, etc, financial backup for the newspaper appears to have stopped, placing its continued existence in question

Grubby attack on the “Memorial” website

20.11.06 | www.memo.ru
Since 18 November "Memorial" has been subjected to a DoS attack which has virtually blocked all access to their sites. The attack, judging by messages which have appeared on the Internet, has been organized by one of the fascist groups.

Plans and measures from the Journalist Ethics Commission Congress

The Commission has existed for over 5 years, created initially by 80 journalists. Since then around one thousand journalists have adopted the Code of Ethics.

Psychological pressure on “Vechirny Kyiv” [“Evening Kyiv”] was apparently not enough.

17.11.06 | www.imi.org.ua
"At this time the staff are more than ever in need of support from their colleagues. I therefore call on journalists to show solidarity so that this assault on freedom of speech in Kyiv does not become a national epidemic”

Volyn journalists adopt Code of Journalist Honour

Problems and lack of cooperation among Volyn journalists have prompted the Volyn Independent Media Trade Union to adopt its own Code of Journalist Honour

Kharkiv journalists complain of restrictions by the city authorities

The media project “Miska varta” [“City Watch”] asserts that the Kharkiv City Council is unwarrantedly failing to give accreditation to journalists and technical staff of their media outlet

“Conditions of transparency” but where’s the signatory?

Not only did the Kyiv City State Administration representative fail to appear, pen in hand, but the conflict over alleged pressure on the newspaper looks likely to escalate

TV Channels “1 + 1” and Channel 5 to talk to students about materials written to order

This latest lecture in the initiative "It’s better not to lie" will address such questions as “What will dishonest journalism do for your viewers, for you and for your profession? How do you distinguish between editorial correction and censorship? What ways are there of standing up for your freedom?”

The Media Trade Union and the National Union of Journalists draw up joint criteria for reforming the media

14.11.06 | www.imi.org.ua
They agreed during the reform stage to stand up for editorial independence, freedom of speech and free access to information; the transfer of property rights on premises, printing and other property in the media field from the state to the journalists, the transformation of state radio and television into public broadcasting and more

“Evening Kyiv” is preparing to sign an editorial agreement with Chernovetsky

The recent claim that the Kyiv City State Administration was applying censorship would seem to have led to both sides agreeing on editorial policy which will include non-interference by the city authorities

“Evening Kyiv” alleges censorship from the Mayor’s people

07.11.06 | www.imi.org.ua
The acting chief editor says they have been told they can write about what they like, just no criticism of the Mayor

Reporters without borders organises 24-hour online demo against Internet censorship

Help to combat online censorship by taking part. Everyone is invited to connect to the Reporters Without Borders website (www.rsf.org) between 11 a.m. on 7 November and 11 a.m. on 8 November.

Level of confidence in the Ukrainian media rising, albeit modestly

In comparison with analogous figures received a month ago, the number of respondents who trust the Ukrainian media has risen by 5 percent, while the number of those who trust the Russian media has fallen by almost 5%.

Pentagon to monitor the Internet

31.10.06 | www.rbc.ua
The main efforts of the new department will be aimed at fighting “inaccurate” coverage of events in the media. According to the statement from the US Defense Department, particular attention will be paid to the Internet and Internet-blogs.

Media Trade Union steps up support for journalists in the regions

30.10.06 | www.imi.org.ua
Increased activity in the regions will include helping to create small trade union offices which journalists can approach for assistance and reaching agreements with local law clinics on providing legal help to journalists in difficult situations

Public Council on Freedom of Speech and Information restarted

Among the priorities for the Public Council’s work the following were highlighted: public broadcasting; privatization of the press; an improvement in the laws “On advertising” and “On television and radio broadcasting”.

Call to Bloggers to stand up for freedom ahead of world meeting on future of Internet

27.10.06 | web.amnesty.org
We pass on an Amnesty International appeal to all those concerned about freedom of expression on the Internet

Giving the lie to lies

26.10.06 | Halya Coynash
Over the last 6 weeks the journalist initiative “It’s better not to lie” has been proving its message with imagination and persuasive power.