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today 03.09.2014 00:14
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Prava Ludyny

Mariupol: une chaîne humaine contre l’invasion russe

Main dans la main, plus d’un millier d’habitants de la ville portuaire de Mariupol ont formé samedi une chaîne humaine à un point de contrôle situé sur la route de Novoazovsk. De longues tranchées ont été creusées pour défendre la ville contre l’invasion des forces armées russes ou des militants soutenus par le Kremlin. .

Russia’s Ilovaisk Treachery

Two Russian soldiers taken prisoner in Ilovaisk say they understood that they weren’t on a training exercise when they came under fire. At least 100 Ukrainian soldiers were mercilessly gunned down after trusting the Russian ‘human corridor’ proposed by Vladimir Putin

More Russian conscripts forced to fight in Ukraine

It is frustrating that the BBC and other media which insist on speaking of “Ukrainian claims” that Russian forces are fighting in Ukraine ignore not only the clear evidence from NATO, the USA and Polish media, but also the reports from the mothers of Russian conscripts emerging despite the authorities efforts to silence them.

Journalist covering siege of Ilovaisk taken prisoner

02.09.14 | comments: 1
Yehor Vorobyov, journalist from TV Espreso has been taken prisoner while covering the siege of Ilovaisk in the Donetsk oblast. Cameraman Taras Chkan and Road Control journalist Rostislav Shaposhnikov are hopefully safe

Irina Dovgan tells of public abuse at hands of pro-Moscow separatists

02.09.14 | comments: 1
Interview given by Donetsk resident Irina Dovgan whose photo was published by New York Times tied to a post being attacked and abused by supporters of the Kremlin-backed militants

Russian fascist ideologue Dugin: Why stop with Donetsk and Luhansk?

01.09.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
On Vladimir Putin’s ‘Novorossiya’, the Russian fascist ideologue and organizations active in eastern Ukraine, and a surreal ‘antifascist’ conference in Yalta attended by the Kremlin’s fascist, sometimes neo-Nazi supporters from European countries

Russia’s Geopolitical Prisoners

01.09.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
If the four Crimeans facing absurd ‘terrorist charges following peaceful protest against Russian occupation fall within traditional definitions of political prisoner, and Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko is a prisoner of Russia’s undeclared war, Yury Yatsenko is in Russian detention because he is Ukrainian

Remember Beslan

01.09.14 | comments: 1
10 years have passed since the seizure by terrorists of a school in Beslan, North Ossetia and the subsequent storming of the school with the use of tanks and heavy artillery. 331 people were killed, including 15-year-old Oksana Kokova

Shenderovich: “The war against Ukraine is a disgrace and a crime”

01.09.14 | comments: 1
On Sunday prominent Russian writer and journalist Viktor Shenderovich held a one-man picket in protest at Russia’s undeclared but ever more aggressive war against Ukraine. Six others who lit candles in protest were detained for some time by the police.

Mariupol residents form human chain against Russian aggression

31.08.14 | comments: 1
More than a thousand residents of the port city of Mariupol joined arms on Saturday in a human chain at a checkpoint outside the city in the direction of Novoazovsk, Large trenches have also been dug to defend the city from invasion by Russian troops or Kremlin-backed militants

Attacked for asking why Russian paratroopers died fighting in Ukraine

30.08.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
Lev Shlosberg, an opposition politician and journalist in Pskov was seriously attacked late on Friday evening, days after he divulged information about the Pskov paratroopers whose death in Ukraine Russia has been trying to conceal.

Russian NGO branded as “foreign agent” after reporting on Russian military action in Ukraine

30.08.14 | comments: 1
On 28 August, the Russian Ministry of Justice added the NGO “Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg” to its official list of “foreign agents” under the 2012 law.

The Russian Invasion and Deaths Putin didn’t mention

29.08.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
Why should Russia be in no doubt of ‘serious consequences’ when even with evidence pouring in of direct involvement by Russian forces using Russian tanks and sophisticated arms on Ukrainian territory, western leaders largely continued to rehash old warnings?

Mariupol: Putin get out!

29.08.14 | comments: 1
In Mariupol around three thousand people held a demonstration on Thursday, protesting against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Russian ’Resolution’ of a Russian-manufactured Crisis

28.08.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
A plan described by Finland’s foreign ministry as “secret talks between the US and Russia” will create a frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine. Just what the Kremlin wants to hear. And there’s more

Nadiya Savchenko: Yanukovych fell, so will Putin

28.08.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko has stated clearly that she is being subjected to a psychiatric examination in the notorious Serbsky Institute illegally and will be refusing to speak to staff, answer questions or in any way cooperate

Russian NGO has list of 400 killed or wounded Russian soldiers

28.08.14 | comments: 1
It looks extremely likely that at least some of the considerable number of men from the Caucuses long known to be fighting on the side of the Kremlin-backed militants in eastern Ukraine are or died as soldiers of the Russian Army.

Muslim school head fined for ‘extremist literature’ in Crimea

28.08.14 | comments: 1
The Crimean prosecutor under Russian occupation has fined the director of a Dzhanoye district madrasa or religious school for possession of what it considers ‘extremist’ material

If Russia is not at war, then who is in those freshly-dug graves?

27.08.14 | Halya Coynash | comments: 1
Russians are also now asking hard-hitting questions as macabre efforts continue in Pskov and other parts of Russia to conceal the death or injury of a large number of soldiers sent to fight Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine

Veto Crimea bill or shame Ukraine

27.08.14 | comments: 1
Ukraine’s parliament has adopted a bizarrely inappropriate bill on a ‘free economic zone’ in the Crimea which would seriously infringe the rights of Crimean Ukrainians and, by effectively recognizing Russian occupation, cast serious doubts over Ukraine’s position on Crimea.