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today 03.03.2015 10:46
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Prava Ludyny

Memorial is fiercely critical of the EU decision to remove sanctions against Uzbekistan

The decision to remove sanctions against Uzbekistan, imposed after the Andijan events, demonstrates a regrettable willingness by European politicians for the sake of geopolitical interests to close their eyes to systematic and flagrant violations of human rights in this country

Constitutional Court: witnesses in criminal cases entitled to a lawyer

The Court finds that “everyone” covers all Ukrainian nationals, foreign nationals and stateless persons who are in Ukraine. The exercising of this right cannot depend on the status of the person and the nature of his or her legal relations with other parties.”

CE to help Ukraine fight sexual exploitation of children

Over 800 criminal investigations have been initiated in Ukraine over the last year for the production and circulation of pornography although the number of such crimes is, in fact, much higher. The problems lies in inadequate mechanisms for uncovering cybercrimes and flaws in legislation

Re-thinking on the past no standard task for the Security Service

07.08.09 | www.dw-world.de
German historian Gerhard Simon points out that the situation in Ukraine is unique because it is the security service itself that is engaged in educational activity about the crimes of the past.

ALERT: Ukrainian authorities detain asylum seeker sought by Uzbekistan

Abdumalik Bakaev has sought international protection from the UNHCR and refugee status in Ukraine. He must not be extradited

Changes to Russia’s jury law will be the last nail in the coffin for the justice system

A statement signed by a number of human rights and civic activists in Russia warns that planned changes to the law taking criminal cases involving “anti-State” crimes out of the jurisdiction of juries will bury all hope of creating a fair and effective justice system in Russia

Russia’s Prosecutor General plans to extradite an Andijan refugee

The decision is in clear breach of Russian and international law, and would ignore clear prohibition on returning a person to a country where he faces the threat of torture

Pre-election heat?

The Russian Ministry for Emergencies has lodged an application with a Moscow court to suspend for 90 days the activities of the Russian Union of Journalists. This it claims is due to infringements of fire safety norms

Too much is at stake

24.01.08 | Halya Coynash
The European Court of Human Rights protects you and I. If the Russian authorities have decided that they can violate Vasily Aleksanian’s right to life or any other fundamental human rights with impunity, we must show them that they are mistaken

So who is silence golden for?

14.12.07 | Halya Coynash
Our voices will continue to sound the alarm when human rights are being violated, but if we cannot hope for a receptive ear and help in passing on information, we will be almost powerless.

No idea what it is, but eleven and a half years anyway

04.12.07 | www.hro1.org
In Russia 52-year-old academician Igor Reshetin has been sentenced to eleven and a half years imprisonment. The numerous protests by scientists and human rights defenders were ignored

Rule of law Russian-style: where is Ulman?

The court trial of Ulman and his subordinates, who admit to having killed six Chechen civilians in cold blood is to take place in the absence of three of the four defendants

Trial of independent journalist continues in Uzbekistan

01.05.07 | www.svoboda.org
Umida Niyazova, a 32-year-old journalist and single mother with a toddler son, is accused of “illegal border crossing” and “smuggling of subversive literature" and could face a ten-year prison sentence

Rally in solidarity with victims of repression

07.04.07 | www.grani.ru
A rally was held on Saturday 7 April at Pushkin Square in Moscow to show solidarity for victims of repression. Those present remembered Anna Politkovskaya murdered six months ago today, as called for the release of Russian political prisoner Mikhail Trepashkin who turned 50 today.

Human rights defenders condemn the tightened regime imposed on Mikhail Trepashkin

13.03.07 | www.hro.org
They call it “a brutal, cynical and demonstrative act of reprisal against an opponent of the system, coated in the form of a court ruling”.

Next step – Strasbourg

24.01.07 | www.hro.org
The Russian Supreme Court has upheld the decision to close down the Russian – Chechen Friendship Society

For money you can write about Chechnya too. But … anonymously

29.10.06 | www.svoboda.org
This book is the diary of Madina Elmurzaeva which she kept during military action in Grozny. It proved no easy matter for human rights activists to get it published.

В Ташкенте судят певца и поэта Дадахона Хасана

31.07.06 | www.svoboda.org
Правозащитники считают, что 66-летнего Хасана судят за песню о кровавом подавлении демонстрации в Андижане в мае прошлого года.

Once more about the exhaustion of the domestic tools of protection (Article 35 of the European Convention on human rights)

13.04.04 | Ivan Lishchina, Strasbourg
Once more about the exhaustion of the domestic tools of protection (Article 35 of the European Convention on human rights)