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Prava Ludyny

New charge against the defendants in the Gongadze case

15.01.08 | www.unian.net
Three men accused of killing the journalist Georgy Gongadze are facing a new charge of causing significant damage to the image of the country and its law enforcement agencies

Journalist Safety Fund created

15.01.08 | www2.dw-world.de
The Fund will specifically help Ukrainian media outlets to carry out independent investigations into high-profile cases and protect the journalists involved

No Tower of Babel

12.01.08 | Halya Coynash
One senses that for some people the Charter and situation in Ukraine are confined to a virtual realm in which contact with reality is of absolutely no importance. A journey by public transport in Kyiv for example, will assuage all concerns about the threatened position of the Russian language

15 days imprisonment for peaceful protest in Minsk

The Leader of the Belarusian Association of Entrepreneurs Alexander Shumchenko and the Leader of the United Civic Party Anatoly Lebedko have been imprisoned for 15 days for taking part in protests in Minsk yesterday, 10 January

Russian asylum seeker released from custody

The Vinnytsa Regional Court of Appeal on Friday 11 January released Mikhail Gangan from custody as he is presently seeking asylum in Ukraine

MIA working group to monitor conditions for Russian asylum seeker

The group of MIA specialists arrived in the Vinnytsa region on 11 January where they are to check that Ukrainian legislation and international standards are being observed with regard to Mikhail Gangan whose extradition is sought by the Russian authorities but who has asked for asylum in Ukraine

New twist in the efforts to stifle “Voice of Beslan”

The Prosecutor in Ingushetia has applied to the court to declare an appeal made by the civic organization “Voice of Beslan” in November 2005 extremist.

Russian opposition leaders call on Yushchenko to intercede on Gangan’s behalf

09.01.08 | www.grani.ru
The leaders of «The Other Russia» Garry Kasparov and Edward Limonov, as well as the politicians Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Hemtsov, have addressed an open letter to President Yushchenko asking him to ensure an unbiased review of Mikhail Gangan’s application for refugee status in Ukraine

Lviv Mayor becomes anti-hero in a documentary film

Ihor Chaika, who has already produced several documentary films on press freedom, has turned his attention to Andriy Sadovy, Mayor of Lviv

MIA has no plans to hand Gangan over to Russia

08.01.08 | www.unian.net
A Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson stresses that there can be no question of Mikhail Gangan’s extradition to Russia while his application for asylum is being processed

Old days or new?

Andrei Klimov is spending his first Christmas in a Belarusian penal colony for an article written on the Internet. And it’s 2008. If we simply watch the worst aspects of the Soviet era return and do nothing, we also bear responsibility.

Major DDOS attack on Belarusian Internet

While there can be various motives for such criminal actions, the recent attacks on sites with no financial interests (i.e. Maidan and ourselves, HRO.org in Russia and others) force us to follow any attacks which effectively block the flow of information very closely

Belarusian opposition activist prevented from travelling abroad

04.01.08 | www.grani.ru
Leader of the United Civic Party Anatoly Lebedko has been stopped from leaving the country on the pretext of criminal proceedings over a 2004 interview in which he said there was a shadow budget being used to buy weapons. He is accusing of slandering Lukashenko!

Mikhail Gangan remanded in custody

A Vinnytsa court has allowed the police application to hold Mikhail Gangan, the activist from the National Bolshevik Party, which is banned in Russia. The detention is for 40 days while the issue of Gangan’s possible extradition to Russia is considered

Young Russian political activist detained in Ukraine

The Vinnytsa Human Rights Group is calling on the Ukrainian authorities to allow Mikhail Gangan to apply for refugee status in Ukraine and stresses that it would be a violation of Ukraine’s international commitments were he to be extradited without being given this chance

So what are politicians’ statements about cancelling privileges worth?

A group of scientists have addressed an appeal to Prime Minister Tymoshenko asking that a recent Cabinet of Ministers Resolution be revoked which unwarrantedly increases the lifelong payment for “the title” of current member or correspondent member of State academies.

Good tidings for the New Year

The Ministry of Justice has revoked registration of the scandalous Order of the State Department for the Execution of Sentences which allows for the use of a special anti-terrorist unit in penal institutions and pre-trial detention centres

The Constituion is our responsibility

The Ukrainian Civic Constitutional Committee has issued a statement regarding plans expressed to resolve the constitutional crisis during 2008. 

Incendiary devices

28.12.07 | Halya Coynash
Neither media outlets nor the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are entitled to make very serious allegations of criminally liable offences without some basic checks. These must involve ascertaining at very least whether the person in question was anywhere near the place where the criminal offence was alleged to have occurred

Ten steps aimed at improving the human rights situation in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union addresses this open letter to the new Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers regarding urgent changes needed