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today 28.09.2016 06:26
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Andrushivka: Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust


A Memorial has been erected in the town of Andrushivka (Zhytomyr region) in memory of the 252 Jewish women and 25 children shot by the Nazis on 19 August 1941.

The Memorial to the Mother and Child is made of granite stone and there is also a stone with a Minora and list of the victims.  The construction and erection of the Memorial was financially supported by two Zhytomyr deputies, Mykola Rudnenko and Mykola Oleshchenko, while the Jewish community in the region raised the money for the plaque.

The formal unveiling of the Memorial was attended by a delegation from Israel, the Second Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, representatives of the local authorities and Jewish community, veterans of World War II and members of the public. Victims of those murdered came from different parts of Ukraine and from abroad.

Alex Batyshin, who was born in Andrushivka but now lives in Israel, told those gathered that on the eve of the Second World War there were 4 thousand Jews living in the Zhytomyr region. It has been established that during the War 1 thousand and 390 of them were shot, however the fate of the others is not known. ,

Representatives of the communities in the villages where Jewish people were murdered came and laid at the Memorial scarves with soil from the graves of those shot.

Prayers for the Victims were read by the Rabbi of Zhytomyr, Mendel Dvorkin


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From information at www.zhitomir.info and www.unian.net